Stick particles to deformed geometry


Hi …

… I’m trying to create hair/fur using particles (Particle Flow) … that way works fine for fixed geometry as emitter … but as soon as I deform the emitter via bones or a simple bend modifier the particle’s rotation does not change with de deformed emitter wheres the position does …

I’ve attached a simple cylinder with some particles (instanced geometry) attached to it … in the first image everything is fine … after the bend the particle’s rotation is no correct any longer …

Maybe someone can help me here …

Thanks in advance … Sammy.

#2 - this shoud work, might have to tweak it a bit tho…


Thanks for the answer … the article you pointed at is working fine for non-deformable geometry … in fact I’m using something like that for my scene already … but as soon as you bend or skin the teapot and animate it those particle hair will rotate incorrectly …

Thanks anyway …


Something like this?

Oleg B.


Hi Oleg …

… thanks for the movies … they show just the things that I needed … if only you would be so nice to explain how you achieved these effects …

Greetings … Gonzaga.



doh’ ! great Oleg !
your grass is really cool !
I seek to obtain something like this which could react with deflectors for ex.

But anyway, it would be great to tell us more about your settings !!:bounce:



I would like to apologize for the teasing with the animations <g> The animations were done with the extended set of Particle Flow operators that I recently developed. The new operators (a heavy dozen) are bundled into “Particle Flow Tools” plugin that will be available for public at the coming Siggraph show. Please contact me directly if you want more information; no need for shameless plugs here at the forum <g>

Oleg B.


Edit: Nevermind. for whatever reason I missed Oleg’s last post before I posted.


Can’t help myself but publish another animation done with Particle Flow Tools. This is from the fiirst tutorial for the Lock/Bond operator. The operator controls how the arrows are glued to the poor fellow’s body. The tutorials courtesy of Turbo Squid and Michele Bousquet.

Oleg B.


Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I’m sorry…but that really is funny!


I will be showing the new Particle Flow Tools plug-in during the coming SIGGRAPH at the Discreet pods:

Tuesday, Aug. 10th: 11:30 – 12noon
Wednesday, Aug. 11th: 10:30 – 11am
Thursday, Aug. 12th: 3 – 3:30pm

Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools to extend and improve the Particle Flow capabilities. The Particle Flow Tools operators come in three basic categories:

Groups: Organize and categorize particles within the particle system. These include Group Operator, Group Selection, and Split Group.

Painting: Interactively place particles exactly where you want them. These include Particle Paint, Birth Paint, Placement Paint, Birth Texture and Mapping Object.

Utilities: Speed you work flow and extend Particle Flow’s capabilities. These include Particle Flow Utility, Utility Operator, Preset Flow, Initial State and Lock/Bond.

Oleg B.



Thanks OlegB,

It seems to be good tools so wait & see …



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