Steve Sloan - Circus Auditions - Juggler


Hello all,
this is my first time in the animation session,
and now that I finally have an idea and time,
I should have my concept up tomorrow.
I hope this goes well, this is kind of a practice session
for an upcomming job, so any tips would be greatly


Here’s a good place for a reference if you don’t already have it


this site is amazing :smiley:
i’m just done my juggler animation :expressionless:
i use this site for my self, i want to learn :smiley:
thank you :smiley:


hey, this is a great help, thanks so much SirRon!


so here is my hi tech drawing, i know it’s hard to make out what’s happening,
i should have numbered the frames, but oh well. (they go from left to right)

from what ive gathered, my next step is blocking.
Is there anything specific I should do besides keying important poses.


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