Stereography in Nuke



How far Nuke is flexible for conversion of a 2D image in to 3d-stereoscopic image.

Any help(tutorial/tips) is much appriciated.



Check the fxphd guides on the foundry’s site:

Better yet, take one of their courses on Nuke that deals with stereoscopy extensively:


Thanks for the links.

I checked those. They explain how the stereo comp is in Nuke with 2 eyes(L & R).

Is there any technique that to convert a 2D image(there is no L ro R - just a single image) in to 3D stereoscopic image in Nuke!


Stereoscopic requires a L & R view. If you can wrap your head around nuke’s 3D engine, you may be able to project the video onto placeholder geometry and render two slightly offset cameras.


Great! will try that.


Also, check out the tutorial called “Rotoscoping workflow to convert 2D into 3D” using mocha:

You may not have mocha, but the general workflow should be applicable to Nuke as well.


there is no automatic way to make a stereoscopic image pair from a regular 2d image… there are 3 general workflows possible or even a mix of them…

you can manually create a depth map of your image and use that for a displacment effect to generate the 2nd view. there’s a plugin for nuke (i think it’s part of the furnace plugins) that can create a depth map from parallax movements but i think the use is quite limited.

you can rotoscope individual elements and layer them in 3d space giving a 3-d effect but the elements will look flat like cardboards and you have to recreate hidden geometry.

you can use matching 3d geometry and camera-projections as suggested.

i think you first have to evaluate the specific shot or scene and then decide which tools will give the best results.

Here’s a good article by tim sasson about 2d to 3d conversion:

cheers, dennis


@Dennis - the link is not working for me.

I checked the “mocha” workflow. That’s nice.

There is a plugin “Ocula” which is for Nuke.

Mr.Simon explains the workflow of the plugin in terms of comp mode where you have two eyes already rendered.


oops… sorry, here’s the right one:


Got it and its very informative. Thanks.


there’s a realtime conversion solution by TriDef, but i think it’s use is quite limited for professional productions


The Nuke and Stereo course will be offered in the coming spring April term. This course is Nuk203 taught by myself.


Hi Dani,

saw your website and blog. Its impressive and very imformative.

When are you going to release the new DVD?


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