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Hey everyone!

Welcome to my sketch dump and WIP thread. Here I will be posting sketches that I am rather happy with, experiments that I think turned out well, as well as previews to current larger painting projects. I plan on updating rather frequently, so keep an eye out. :wink:

If you have an comments, critiques, or anything like that, please feel free to post it. I am constantly looking for help and advice, and anything will do.

I’m really critical of myself as well, and sometimes I’ll post something and point out problems that I see. Who knows, maybe this will help you sometime.

(I had a previous thread on here before, titled “Sylanya’s Sketch Place”. A few sketches from there will be posted here as well.)

Here a the first batch of sketches:

And a new one.


Also, on a side note, I just submitted a recently completed piece to my CGPortfolio and DeviantART account.

Here are a few close-ups (as a preview)


On the first picture and the picture of the lady with the mask, their heads seem a bit too big in comparison to the width of their shoulders.


Hey Stephanie, good improvement! I like how that last piece has turned out. For crits I think the inner corner of her right eye (left to us) is a little to deeply set. It makes the eye position a bit strange. Otherwise really nice work!


Ninetales-it could possibly look that way because their shoulders are at an angle, or it could be that they are a bit big. I have had this problem in the past. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

Maladie-I see what you mean about th eye, it does look a little dark under that eyebrow. Thanks for the comment!


The last image turned out so well. I really like the bird sitting there, it looks so ominous.
The dragon-mask is nice too, are you planning on a series? I’m getting rather inspired :smiley:

Time to update the signature? :wink:


Last one turned out real nice. The one with the asian girl would have been excellent if the eyes didn’t seem a little cross-eyed. The eye picture has got to be your best so far, at least in my opinion, cos I like realistic stuff. :thumbsup:
You certainly don’t need much encouragement, you’ve pumped out more work in here and your previous sketch thread than I’ve done in a lifetime.


hiiri-Thanks! I’m not sure what you mean about a series, could you elaborate on that? And, oops! I didn’t realize I forgot to change my signature. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

pap87-Thanks. And not only are her eyes slightly cross-eyed, but they are way too big for her face (her eyeballs would not fit in the socket if they were really that big) It could just be a shading issue though. Thanks for the comment!


I meant like the dragon, a gryphon and such. It would be neat.


Oh. Well no, I wasn’t planning on doing a series. However, I do have an idea for a swan picture similar to that dragon one. But the dragon mask painting was done for the daily sketch topic “Red Dragon”. :slight_smile:


I can honestly say I’m a newbie at painting birds…actually, animals in general. The first time I painted a bird was the cardinal in the “Till Death Do Us Part” painting (see my portfolio). But I figure I need to practice birds, so here is an American Goldfinch (obviously, a reference was used).

I’m not sure as to whether I like it ot not. There are plenty of things wrong with it…like the feathers for one thing.


Hey lady, nice job here. continue posting. more… more… moreeeee!!:slight_smile:



Hehe, thanks, enthombed. :slight_smile:


Ok, I actually did this one last week, but I thought I’d post it anyways. I was going more for mood than anything else. I know the girl is messed up and the trees could use a heck of a lot more detail. For the daily sketch topic “Lady of the Lake”. This was the first version I did for that topic actually, the second is in my first post here, the mermaid in the lake with the lillypads.

I wanted a sort of gloomy atmosphere in the landscape and the woman to appear almost like a ghost or spirit.


I just saw this thread today. Your “till death do us part” blew me away. :eek:

I can’t say anything more. I’m having trouble breathing. lolz.


LOL, I hope I won’t have to call the paramedics for you! :love: Thanks for the comment!


By the way guys, I thought I’d just drop a note saying that I finally have a couple prints available. They are both posted in my CGPortfolio, “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Sea Vanity”. They are available for cheap prices at DeviantART. So if anyone is interested, you can purchase one. :slight_smile:


nice stuff from a student ( wish we had access to this kind of place back then) its nice to see you willing to experiment and work away at different thing, one and only thing i cna say to you is never be worried about making mistakes or having a perfect finish, take your time and go with the current flow of the piece , because the next one will always be different ( hope that makes sense).

one thing i would sugject is to rough up some of the smoothness abit perhaps, its looks rather pixel shadered at the moment


ya got some good stuff.

my prob in the matter though is that i find that you have alot of dead space.

in somethings it isn’t so bad b/c it complies with the rule of thids, but in other cases it just seems like to much dead space.

sometimes it draws away from what you are trying to center your picture around.

or maybe it is just me. :shrug:


whew! i’m over the shock of seeing that piece (that’s a compliment. :D).

I have to agree with the secret asian. At any rate it’s a tiny bump in the road steph. One you’re sure to overcome real quick. :thumbsup:

I wonder if you’ve seen this one. I think it’s super helpful.

ahem to quote, of all people, senator palpatine: “I see you becoming greatest of all the Jedi.”