Stephano's Creature


need ur high rez mesh…(got to tell you it was murder painting on the low rez mesh)

send me that and I shall bring it home…

nice work…

Also send me hat…need to know hair line



I redid the head, now I have the body altogether


Could use the civity maps as well…

I like the vein embossments on her temples…

I did want to ask you the hand drawn cracks…look very cool…and could be interpreted as
aged lines…or more of scarification wrinkles…

espeically around the eyes…is less “cracked doll” face …(as you requrested)

did you still foresee still using blood vessel look…?

In this version she also looks old as well…(and not young and sexy)…(I dont know if that matters anymore)

I really like the upper lids…brow…and between the eyes…



a quick paintover for the helmet:
now she will have a flourishing tentacular hair structure going down her shoulders, later egyptians used tht to finish up the pharanic helmet :wink:
anyway those hair are the things you see on the surface of the body
maybe a bit tech looking but what the heck i need hard surface 4 my portfolio :smiley:
I think she looks my more powerful and majestic now…


boobies! !
does she need a bra? :slight_smile:


I’m sure I’ll rework those mechanical finger things to get some decent HSurface going there too…


:applause: Great stuff man!!! I’m liking all the details on this… Nice Boobs too!


update helmet


ya nice titties…

did a nice job with her back (Her back really feels like she has 4 arms)


helmet update


:cool: I’m digging the helmet, super nice… this hot ladie is gonna be super pimp when shes done…!


thanks miguel!
Still need to clean up and break up those shapes mostly toward the back the same treatment I gave to the front, then topology is gonna take care of the nice bevels and the high tech parts.
I’ll treat the mechanicals on the fingertips the same way too and the blades on the botton of the big creature. I maybe add some bracelets too


I got home and I had to test my dispmaps… they respond great, usually I always have problems but this was just fine…
I need to know something tho… How the hell do we render multiple displacements in mental ray??? dismaps with stagger off and offset don’t work, uv sets aren’t read by the uv Set editor since they connect with the shading node not with the material, I am eager to test the full power of my processor, I got this render with 4 passes done in 2 minutes at full displacement from the lowres, I was afraid tht my mesh was too lowres to hold on but no problem happened. Miguel would you mind tell me how to render multi dispmaps? If it’s too convoluted to post on the forum please send me a mail or a link to a tutorial if you know any!
Paul: My detail pass isn’t even closely enough to get to the migro pores and stuff, I am rendering this with subdee apprximation node set to 6 (one more than what I have in zbrush) leaving tons of space for extra details (total polycount 4Mils for the face only).
I would really like to test render times for future use on our rendering process.
The Lighting was handled by Marta who is getting very good at it :slight_smile: :buttrock:

so here it is

PS: I had to increase the size of the model by 10x in order to get the dispmaps to read right, just a heads up for the other zbrushers involved in this project… do it until you can since you have to do it in maya on the highres to ge it to work… (big pain in the a…)


nice test… You got me with the rendering multiple uv-set displacements, I’ll have to look into it and try to figure it out. I know how to layer-multiple textures to control one displacement or bump map… That is great to test your processor, but rendering out true displacement for this is overkill. I have other tricks to retain your details without pushing the processor to its knees just to say we can. More specfic, comes down to the use of normal maps/displacment maps without letting maya or MR do retessalation on the mesh. Plus rendering with plane old polygon smooth speeds things up. You still got to remeber that we still need to retain the largness of your model and detail, and not to mention all the shading that will occur to make her realistic, plus not the mention Final gather lighting, plus shadow casting, etc… the list goes on and on. So displacment is the last place I need it to take 2 minutes. Down at the bottom here I had an example of what I’m talking about Displacement/Normal map


hei guys how are things going?
all looks halted
I cant wait to close this!


Hey stefano, things are going. How things with you, saw your joining the dominance war. I think everyone is just a bit busy with other stuff, but its not halted…


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