Stephano's Creature


offset UVs?? the only other term I’ve heard like this was in use for some sort of paralax mapping type shaders that take a displacement map and offset the uv coordinates to give the illusion the model is bumpy… By the way I like your begining concept, Not to fond of the goat eyes… I was actually thinking more of some sort of cateracs looking blind persons eye’s… kinda white foggy looking… I really dig the blood vessels thing…!! By the way, I started a new thread for shading, you can dump your concepts in there so we can keep it all together…

I know the feeling stefano, zbrush crashing is a common place thing for me as well :frowning:


She cant see from her top eye set, goat eyes are fine covered with some diseased gluey cataract (I can model the fluids and stuff) and the other eyes are the real one
To define the concept better: she is an avatar of an alien deity who built an alias to be able to communicate with puny humans… that’s why i wanted some kind of clay look to her face fading out in meaty nasty crap down her body because her face is a construct (we can have subsurface matte masking for some nasty stuff BETWEEN the cracks)
to be developed as it comes…
I’m so happy that we are all putting ideas in the primordial POT here!!!


Anoyther step closer… We are almost there!
holy s…t

Image Removed


Ill try another version with cataracts…

Im trying to push her a tad more evil rather than ****able…so I messed with the concept her whole head was hemorage…still building up layers…hers WIP…

trying to get a “Moe Haircut” made from dipped blood vessels…LOL

I wont have cracked mudd look till shoot day

will go over UVs soon

Also Stephano…would LOOOVVVVE to see the model with some test poses


hei I have no topo yet, so not uvs… I’ll retopo her tomorrow starting from the head so you’ll have something to work on and do some r&d, please let’s try to integrate the two looks.
The clay look is quite important for me if we can pull it out maybe layering with the veiny stuff but i really respect your look development skills so let’s put our brains together on it :slight_smile: Is gonna be awesome…
I finished the hands now some cleanup on the feet and is donee
topology will start coming soon… i need a bucket to dump it to… I’ll use my FTP in the meanwhile


Im holding my breath for the cracked makeup look…We are researching mudd types now…

will know this Saturday how it will work out…as you know you cant fake that mudd/cracked look…hopefully we get some thing to build on from the shoot…

I stil think the blood vessels can be used somewhere…especially around the eyes and lips…(if not I can save it for Phillip’s sex slave girl)…

right now I think the concept sketches are alittle to young and sexy…for goddess space alien…the cracks will help make her a hungry “cougar”…LOL


Model Prep and Zbrush

please checkout the section with offset UVs


Well the cracks are gonna drive all my Superhighfrequency detail pass on her face, That’s why I’m so eager to get it… After topo is done you’ll have uvs to dump lots of stuff in and i’ll have approx 6 million polys to detail the hell out of it but if we have texture guideline to my deatil work that’s awesome since is all on the surface… keep in consideration that the model may change so save and keep your projection planes to get possible updates an edits rather that working a lot in photoshop… I’ll try to minimize this but just in case!


The previous version i saved wasn’t up to date those hands sucked :slight_smile:


Nice, forgot about the eyes on her stomach…! From this description I would imagine that she should be @#$$able and sexy and inviting… Since her design was to communicate to humans, I would imagine she would have to draw some kind of appeal to her. Blending between nasty evil to sexy seems to be the challenge… I’d want to shoot for the goal to be disgusted yet attracted to her at the same time… Kind of like the nurses from silent hill…ugly yet sexy…! I like the ideas of the cracked mud on her face, I still really like the blood vessels esp the way your laying it out to the face regions. The cracked mud would have to fall alot more on the mesh displacement, but could lead to all sorts of cool possibilites. like you said between the cracks you could have puss and slime or crap just coming out or even be able to see muscle fibers and blood seaping though. But this now pushs up many problems we might run into as far the amount of detail it would take to make it look right and balance and not to mention the hell of rendering it would take… I think we can find a balance that might would work… By the way when you say cracked mud this is what comes to mind on her face, correct me if im wrong…


basically its a facial mudd for FX makeup…I’ve used once before…but not this thin…

we are facing now is gettin a hot chic to commit to all this make up for little $$…

****ing LA chics dont do anything for free…LOL


LOL a la chic do something for free… good luck with that.! I don’t see why you couldn’t shoot a clean plate female and find some cracked mudd and shoot that for alpha maps to sculpt the mudd plates in zbrush and the cracks as well… stefano could handle that part, that way even could balance it out to his liking…


here is a really bad example…of white mudd crackle patern…

would be a snap with photos…

especially when the cracks follow the real world typology of skin…

also you can tell when z-brush guy on caffine goes after skin detail…has that
hand painted look…match it against the hassey 40 mega pixel stuff and you
will get a clash…(and really notice the difference between photoreal and hand painted)

it has to stand up side by side next to a photo…other wise my job will be out sourced to a


:thumbsup: Nice… Ok I see where your going with this now! Still I would be afarid that the crack patterns might not look deep enough and it will look more like a bumpy face. but I guess when it gets to the trying it out phase we will know… Do think if done right this will look pretty awesome…!


Once the face is textured with cracks that flow with the typology etc…

Stephano can pull an alpha matte stencil from the texture map…and dig as deep as he wants to…

he will use most of the phototexture as a guide…so that the original painting is salvagable…

sculpt and texture map are in 100% alignment


Figure I can post this here, Just some skin shading test’s I’m doing at the moment…


She appears!
White mudd would be nice but not necessary ( is very easy to generate texture based dispmaps when i have high contrast stuff… Cracks are like scales, they flow mathematically on the surface based on a ton of factors, text refs are key
anyway we have some topo down :smiley:
And BTW it WILL be a hell to render so get ready for it :slight_smile:
the base mesh density I am planning for is a somooth of this after I am done…


topology in action!


LOL, seems u have to much time on your hands…!


ehm… not really, I’m looking for work and doing this thing so i have barely time to live :slight_smile: