Stephano's Creature


love the back too…

make sure to give me cavity maps from her…some of the detail is precious enough to bake a hint of it into the color maps…


nobody noticed her ripe plump updated ass :frowning:
sude thing, i may use xNormals to bake an occl… or use maya piece bay piece eventually, we’ll see after I will have the topologies done… she aint done yet and i attack topologies when my model is done


:thumbsup: Nice man!! A Shading artists heaven and hell all wrapped into one… Dude I noticed her ass is plump, also noticed you toned down her breast and shaped them properlly. I’m not a huge fan of the overally large breast for no reason. Now her proportions look correct and her back detail does rock…


I was getting ready to bounce a quarter off her ass…LOL


thanks m8! what i think the challenge is gonna lay on is a correct render of the layered eyelids that i figure somewhat translucent
the helmet will be probably all straight painted textures, i may help you with some of that
I’ll try to push out a tester model soon for shader development purposes but I’ll probably update it later on for ultimate topology (which i haven’t started yet) please LMK if you guys are fine whith that, i’m asking because i really want her to be done in my mind and in her maquette before attacking the technical structure of the construct and i’m really thinking of overpainting several other areas so i’ll have lots of space for topological virtuosism, but tht gonna take some time, reasonabe tho:)


very true, it will be challenge to get a good balance between translucent human skin and the fleshy bloody nasty gooey stuff that will wrap this thing… I like the idea going on with the helmet, some sort of metalic/organic thing. We can use some different metal shaders on here jewelry and metalic parts. In time It would be nice to have parts of her to start test and developing, but no rush, I can develop in other ways as well.


MY IDEA WAS PROVIDING A ROUGH RENDERABLE RESURFACE PRETTY SOON and start making texture testing and development, it won’t be the final thing so no supertight stuff nor additional displacement detailing will take place but we can develop and tyext the stuff and get a rough lookdev on it


THAT IS GREAT ITS WHAT I HAD IN MIND ANYWAY, I was actually working on a test head based on your character for the time being for testing purposes. Of course if I can just get your head in time that will be a better deal, so we can do that. Your correct we can start to develop rough draft ideas for the shading and texturing at this point…


Design sculpt on the woman is pretty much done
some skin on the lower arm and the lower hands need some love
got some of my hat done


nice hat…:LOL

Ill send you those armor patterns from the Metropolitan Museum of Art…

Going to be killer


she’s better be! damn her


she’s almost done!!!
tweaks to the arms belly face and helm
still half to be done on the helm but she’s pretty much ready for retopo, the easy part!


this is huge but resolution is definitely needed… :slight_smile:
PS: since we are getting done with this last R&H movie i’m looking for a new job starting January/February, please let me know if there is a cool creature artist positions available!



Crazy…beautiful…(Really amazing)

call me …Im have the Hassey for another day…and am getting a model to shoot makeup on skin if we need it…

need your imput…

Photo shoot is December 5th (Friday Museum) December 6th dowtown at my fashion photographers studio…


I guess I’m almost done…
I fixed some flow issues in the overall shapes and rebuilt the legs… nothing is final but i’m tightening up this thing hopefully i’ll be dopne soooon
DIGITEK i’ll send u a partial retopo soon, let’s setup a common storage basket somewhere we will DEFINITELY need it
I’m guessing we’ll get pretty big with the files soon
cheers and thanks everybody!


very epic…heres a quick concept sketch for face…i want to replace all areas that would be make up …with broken blood vessels…more variations to come…

well done…


DO we have a way to render multi material group, i.e. different uv space and different dispmaps, for this thing?
I know I am rendering 20 dispmaps at one time at rhythm dunno how to do it in Mental Ray tho…
i would like to get pretty high on details on the creature especially
LMK how would you mental ray gurus tackle this


:applause: Great stuff… I like the anatomy on the monster…! Agreed Stefano, we some common place that has alot of space for us to upload and transfer files… any Ideas? I’ve seen stuff where you can use different uv-spaces for models in maya, which should translate to mental ray just fine, although in practice I’ve never done anything like that… But if you plan on using the same uv-space layout for the displacement, then a matter of just blending or overlaying the maps in maya’s hypershade using a blend or layer node should work fine. When the time comes we can figure out a way…


Gonna be offset UVs just like we were doing at R&H…


Have No Idea How They Render My Dispmaps Paul :stuck_out_tongue:
btw ZBRUSH just crashed on me and i’ve lost the hands!
damn Zbrush p…e … s…t :bounce: