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edited the chest and made this thing look like a female, deviated toward the pregnant woman look, anybody with images of material in the act of getting torn apart (skin, membranes, whatever) are big help to visualize the fracture pattern on the skin on her belly, today i want to make an overpaint and figure out the mechanical components on her upper arm.
looking at he still brings me to the original idea of having her as the core of an obscene meat cthulhu tentacle flower. we’ll see
I did the snapshot of her butt especially for u Paul! :slight_smile:

Any idea on how to get a bit more privileges on the forum? higher file size limit and personal attachment storage space?
and how to post the images INSIDE the post?


Paul, may I ask for pictures of some very weird carnivorous flower? it would fit beautifully :slight_smile:

Low res collage sheet attached (I still wanna put stuff IN the post… )


user: pfedor
pass: password

search for “meat”


First sketch of the holding Nyarlathothep creature, Paul are you up on having all the front part of this thing translucent? I am up on building the skeleton
the face of the girl would be visible in translucence and she would have all sort of jelly goo flowing down along her body (not too much tho):slight_smile:
mostly a membranous, “almost” transparent material on her face with vegetal looking veins and stuff, i guess it would be a hardcore SSS challenge, since i know u r addicted to SSS u should enjoy it :slight_smile:
of course this is a sketch… I started feeling sick before starting the feet and the hands, the hands are going to be something like this:

I’ll update soont the lookdev plates to fit this succulent evolution!

the face sketch



go nuts…its epic…dont cover her tities too much! LOLZ


wow man u live online!

that what’s transucence is for! nothings hidden al gelly and slimey!




Duuuuude, that’s awesome man, I would only leave the mouth uncovered, you know, there are tons of possibilities with the mouth free!!:buttrock:.


she cant give a blow job if her mouth is covered…LOL


that’s what Pablo intended i guess…
mostly, guys, what i was thinking is having her mouth hidden in a fissure, them she can open it and open it further with four extruded mandibles looking things, like some kind of seaworms, for the feeding, which can be extruded at will, maybe a blendshape/animated displacement sub chapter?
that would give an extra alien transdimensional look to this thing, also being pregnant with a cancerous mass of tumoral eyes inside in her belly could make u wander… and also give space to extra kinky thoughts :slight_smile: i’ll make some concept sketches of tht too, reference images suggestion would be much appreciated!


woman update


This Whore is getting there… damn her :slight_smile:


Ohh man that is gonna look so sick when your done…! Coming along nicely…


this is lookin’ really awesome!



otta control!

soo much fun to texture


Update, I’m almost done with HER now I attack the helm details and working out the last fhalanx where the fingers connect with the telescopic cable holders
anyway here is my contributions


Paul is gonna like this i guess… good luck with the shader!
Concept paintover for her helmet


Dude, that’s ****ing awesome, love all the detail on the back, this one it’s turning out killer!!!, love that it looks creepy.

Good job man.


thanks pablo
the lil problem is that i gotta work the monster dude under the goddess o_O
lot’s of fun
now i wanna paint all kinda shit all over the place :slight_smile: