Stellios CG Work



I think the toung material could use some work. It doesn’t look wet enough.

Great work :slight_smile:


Wow! The black fur looks great. How long did it take to render?

Its always hard to get that look in a regular raytracer since you have to use raytraced hair to get those wide, smooth highlights. Could you post a few screen grabs of your light setup in Arnold?


thanks, yeah these are overnight renders, the two ones im about to post below are around 600 minutes but i am being too lazy to optimize the scene so im sure there could be savings.

The above renders are my standard lookdeving hdr that i use to judge color, a plain overcast neatural grey environment.

below is daylight system with 3 area lights

thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:



self portrait wip



hey here is a render test, still wip, getting there tho