Steampunk World: Station 45, Gleb Alexandrov (3D)


Title: Steampunk World: Station 45

Name: Gleb Alexandrov

Country: Belarus

Submitted: 14th April 2015
Production Time: It took me nearly a month to move from initial idea to the final image. And I was caffeinated all the time.

Rendering Time: Freaking Long

Step-by-Step tutorial: Huge article published in 3dArtist magazine, issue 78

The Goal: to push myself to the limit. And at the same time, to make something crazy using Blender. Also, I hope that it will inspire you to create weird fantasy worlds.


Duuuuuuude! That’s crazy impressive. You’ve once again revealed yourself to be the master of beautiful lighting. Love everything about this. :applause:


Amazing amount of details! Cool lighting!


Congrats Gleb, I’m blown away! Lighting is top notch! :thumbsup:


Pure beauty and awe-inspiring atmosphere, Gleb! You nailed it. :wink: - Reyn


very very interesting image! lighting is top notch and so many details…crazy amount i would say. i’d like to see that animated though, like just a camera move for exemple.
Question, how much time was rendering for the frame?

great work, well deserved plug


Phenomenal image, very painterly. I thought I was looking at something posted in the 2D section till I saw the ‘render time’ bit.


Wow awesome pic!


Beautiful. I love the colors. Nice job!


Gleb…so paitful artwork. very nice