Steampunk soldier/warrior Angela (nudity)


Hi! Here’s my newest model. I’m trying to model a steampunk female warrior/soldier. Here’s what I’ve modelled so far. Tri count is now 3442. I’m going to stay below 5k tris. C&C!


Wow, i don’t know why no-one’s replied but i really like the proportions of your model the almost realistic anatomy is a nice change and very sexy. Mesh looks solid overall, however you can definitely tweak the poly’s to either reduce poly’s or gain a bit more definition. The stomach area and back in particular are looking rather ‘grid-like’ at the moment. I still struggle with exactly the same problem, especially defining the back and shoulder blades.

Then again, this all depends on whether you are going to put clothes over anyway, are you following any concept artwork?


I love the shape you’ve given her, it’s very feminine and realistic. Only thing i could comment on would be her feet; they seem to arc down too far. Other than that it’s very, very good.


Dammit. Sorry it said my post didn’t go through before.


I know women have a bit of a bulge but unless she’s got alittle bit of pudge happening her “urteral bugle” ill call it, is a bit intense


The model looks nice sofar, I like the proportions, but the shoes are plain silly.


THe models looking really good, some comments tho.

She’s a soldier? I mean female bodies on the battlefield are built for endurance, muscle’s,tight bottom, big shoulders, this one’s a bit… vuloptious (sp?) not that that’s a bad thing ofcourse… :thumbsup: just not really soldier like.

But if that is the whole Idea just forget what I just said.

As for the shoes I have to agree… they remind me a bit of Donald duck’s girlfriend’s feet.

other then that the model looks great keep it up.



Thanx for the comments. So the shoes are funny looking? maybe, but take a look at this picture or just google high heels. There are plenty of shoes that look like those what I’ve modelled. The model is missing armor/cloths, so she doens’t look like a soldier…not yet.


Looking good so far diffa. Her high heels look a little odd but nothing that can’t be fixed. It seems that her weight is on her heels as opposed to the balls of her feet. As for the ball of her foot, it looks too narrow. Heels tend to be narrow and the ball of the foot should be wider. Anyhow, it looks nice regardless. Keep up the good work.


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