Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Yusuf Eltelpany


looking good yusuf …can`t wait to see juliet… keep going :arteest:


thanks a lot … neither can I :smiley:

I worked a bit with the head last night, she will be more simple than romeo … hope the updates will come so soon :slight_smile:


and here it comes, the lovely Juliet … this is the head of her, I will make her more simple than Romeo … you know, girls stuff :smiley:

hope you like it guys :slight_smile:


i liked what i saw
rom in too nice wating to see him finished with details
waiting to see the finished the beautiful juliet
i think u will rock soon ( hatkasar edenia )
keep going man
just excuse me cuz i`m away from the forum u know


I guess with this one,I finished my character modeling part … what comes next will be either the location\environment modeling or the texturing process … didn’t make my decision yet …

anyway, comments are more than welcome … relly more more… than welcome ^^


nice chara design. Just maybe too much space between mouth and head I think.


Eslam basha … thanks man for your encouragement, I was waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

authentic … glad you liked it … mmmmm, ya, maybe you are right about that space area, am still not sure … I will wait till the end compositing to decide what to do … but thanks for mention it any way :slight_smile:


Ok guys, I played a bit with the head trying to texture it, actually this is one of my early beginning on unwrap an object, so am glad that I did something on the right way … or at least that’s what I hope :smiley:

comments will be so appreciated, don’t watch and just leave, I need your 2 cents ^^


I think i won’t finish it on time, but anyway still trying …


still have some time…
do your best…


good hard great job
i have some note about girl
i like her metallic dress nice but
the hand can be much better i think if it`s smooth flowed with the Wrist
u know
just think about it
keep going man


Great job! keep going!! it’s becoming better and better :slight_smile:


the inner body details texturing process … to be continued :slight_smile:


Ridhwan … thanks, am fighting to find more free time to end it on the time …

eslam … motshaker ya rays :smiley: … I guess you have a really good point on your comment, but as for the dead line, I think it will be that way for now :slight_smile: , even I don’t like it too

Jassar … thanks Haytham, I hope I can hold it getting better till the end :smiley:


the arm of romeo, texturing process


all what had been done till now in the texturing


finished the texturing of romeo, I did the environment too, but I will put it on the final compositing so it will have a better lighting …


Juliet has been textured too … next step will be putting them together to make Romeo confess his love to her … I could cry from that scene :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent character designs :thumbsup: I hope you can finish the entry in time :slight_smile:


keep going friend u are so close to the finish line :arteest: