Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Yusuf Eltelpany


the sketch of the steampunk knight, the princess sketch is the next -isa-


lol :twisted: that`s a very cool knight u got there mate keep going :wip:


thanks my dear, am happy that you liked him :slight_smile:


this is the first modeling process for the knight head, which may be Romeo from william’s “Romeo & Juliet” as a main story for the entry … still developing on it and trying to make a strong line story …


nice start good luck brother


haha the idea is great, good luck with the challenge and have a funny time over here :wink:


keep going mate :wip:


jondiyolah … thanks my dear, I will really need a hard LUCK on that one :smiley:

Gonzalo … thanks man, am glad that you liked it, good luck for you too :slight_smile:

Tony … I will dude … I will -isa- :smiley:


Great…Keep movieng forward buddy…
i`ll post my comments when you finish the model


misho basha … thanks my dear, I will wait for your “precious” comments :stuck_out_tongue:


nice to see u here yousef,
great idea :applause:
waiting for next :thumbsup:


Hey, I love your concept sketches. Your 3d is just getting started but I’m really looking forward to see how this evolves. Based on your initial sketch it def has a lot of potential.


Shisha … thanks bro, I will try to update it soon :slight_smile:

niva … glad that you liked it, I still doing it with the head, so … there will be more -isa- :slight_smile:


I worked a bit with the eye, have to finish this more quickly as there still be the Juliet one …


more details on the head, some overall shaping for the body and a lot of cogs and gears modeled for the next stage …


hey Yusuf ur updates are looking cool but I guess u need to move faster mate …keep going :bounce:


Great job bro, lovin the details so far :buttrock:


very nice concept and idea goodluck ya jo

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Nice modeling u have man. I like the concept a lot.
I think thechallenging here is to nail down the expressions of the characters.
Waitin for updates:thumbsup:


Tony … thanks man, I know that am doing bad again, but I hope I will finish it early … enough :smiley:

Jassar … thanks my dear, am proud of that :slight_smile:

Mustafa … thanks ya basha :smiley: , good luck 4 u too

Fotis … I appreciate your nice words dude, thanks … you are right, bringing an overall steampunk to a love mode wouldn’t be that easy :smiley: