Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Yusuf Eltelpany


still have some time…
do your best…


good hard great job
i have some note about girl
i like her metallic dress nice but
the hand can be much better i think if it`s smooth flowed with the Wrist
u know
just think about it
keep going man


Great job! keep going!! it’s becoming better and better :slight_smile:


the inner body details texturing process … to be continued :slight_smile:


Ridhwan … thanks, am fighting to find more free time to end it on the time …

eslam … motshaker ya rays :smiley: … I guess you have a really good point on your comment, but as for the dead line, I think it will be that way for now :slight_smile: , even I don’t like it too

Jassar … thanks Haytham, I hope I can hold it getting better till the end :smiley:


the arm of romeo, texturing process


all what had been done till now in the texturing


finished the texturing of romeo, I did the environment too, but I will put it on the final compositing so it will have a better lighting …


Juliet has been textured too … next step will be putting them together to make Romeo confess his love to her … I could cry from that scene :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent character designs :thumbsup: I hope you can finish the entry in time :slight_smile:


keep going friend u are so close to the finish line :arteest:


thanks a lot guys … am now on the final rendering process …

then come the compositing, then … bingo … it’s done -isa- :smiley:


I did every thing, but when it comes to render … the max display an error related to bitmap files …

I tried hard to solve the problem, but unfortunately I couldn’t …
even till now, can’t get the final render …

OK guys, thanks a lot for the support, see you on the next challenge -insa’ Allah- :slight_smile:


A pity :sad: It looks good, what you have. See you next time then :slight_smile:


thanks man … :slight_smile:

I see that you finished yours, good luck with your work ^^


Wow , i hope i`m not too late

Great work man I see

and the idea is crazy but cool

ya gamed enta :wink:

awsome man , Much respect :wavey:


thanks mohammed, unfortunately the competition had ended … but I will try to complete it soon anyway-insha Allah-

thanks again for your care :slight_smile:


Cool concept and even better rendering, too bad you didnt finish it on time :frowning:
Btw always a fan of steampunk! I find it soo fun and amazing


thanks sabata, I will try to finish this piece as soon as possible -isa-

you are right, I didn’t know that steampunk is a great style till I participated on that challenge … it’s an amazing theme


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