Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Yap Kun Rong


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Latest Update: Final Image: Steampunk - Legend of Yamato


Pre-visualisation on some Japanese themed steampunk idea i have in mind.


sick. i love the color and composition!


Whoa! same here. You can almost feel the Japanese theme by looking at the colors.


Some more try-outs and changes to composition, colours and mood.


This looks great!


looks very promising :slight_smile:


will follow this up,

looks nice, keep going


The sketch looks so nice. I am watching it.


Cool start. The image really caught my eye as a thumbnail. Can’t wait to see how you flush it out.


I really like the second one. Good luck with this.


hey dude, looking forward! :slight_smile: Great to see you joining!


Great skech here… You already have insane pictures at your folio… Cool style:thumbsup:


nice combination of colors. I will be watching this thread for more updates. cheers :thumbsup:


Dham… cant wait to see more, son


your sketches are amazing, i’ll definitely be checking back here


It really looks promising. which legend is this?


This is the legend about Yamato Takeru. He was a famous warrior who defeated countless enemy and in one event dressed up as a maid and successfully completed his assasination.
Many versions of his legend exist and he was so powerful that generally people associate his forces with divine beings
I took the case here as steampunk army for Yamato~ As much as just enjoying the steampunk culture i hope to bring out more of him. Despite his
powers, his life was a dark and grey one.


I decided to work on Yamato in his attempt to assasinate one of his enemies by dressing up as a maid during a party dinner. I think it’s more telling of how flexible he was as a warrior not only by force but wits as well.
He should be convincing enough dressed up as a female… right??? (=


Finally got to something i like that can represent the hero/heroin here. Gotta keep working on this i thought deadline was in feburary! From here on I will be focusing on the details to bring the whole legend together~ Good luck everyone!

Pose reference that i used: