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Good luck guys :slight_smile:

This topic fits an idea for a short film that I’ve had for a loooooooooong time. So I’ve already got my whole story and will be posting it soon :smiley:



Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Awwww… yeah! It’s go time. :smiley:


Nice to see you here! Great Challenge!


:beer: for a starter!!
Good luck!


Hey Tyson, good luck man :beer:

Looking foward to see another great short like matrioshka :slight_smile:


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Definitely going to try to keep up with you this time around Tyson :slight_smile:

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Good luck Tyson :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see your entry



Tyson in !
let show us some cool animation and compositing stuff !


Hi Tyson! I’m a fan of your animation style. haha…Its really great to see you in this competition. Can’t wait to see more from you! I’m new into this competition. Hope to have mroe people guiding me.


You wont have any trouble finishing this challenge so looking forward to see how the pros do it the right way.
Just submit them sketches soon.


Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Here is the synopsis of my film. The myths/legends that I am going to be adapting to my story are the ancient tales about the “Fountain of Youth”

A young man reaches the destination of a long journey: an ancient well whose waters are rumored to hold the key to eternal life, hidden in a small enclosure that looks thousands of years old.

Approaching the ancient structure, he notices that it seems to be frozen in time. There are rats scattered throughout the area, motionless, spiders that sit still in their webs, and cockroaches that do not move or twitch.

He also sees a dark figure, bent over, sitting by the well’s side. He asks the figure if this is the well which grants eternal life, but receives is no response. He looks down into the opening of the well, but can’t see anything inside. He pulls a coin out of his pocket and tosses it down, listening for a splash—sure enough, a moment later, he hears the splash of water deep below.

As the water splashes below and the man continues to peer down the well, he doesn’t notice all of the insects and animals in the enclosure come to life. The spiders start spinning their webs again, the rats begin to scurry around, and the cockroaches scuttle into the various crevices of rock.

The man notices a rat suddenly scurry across his foot. He looks down and stomps on it…but instead of a fleshy “squish” he feels a hard, metallic crunch. He looks down and sees that under the rat’s “skin”, is a series of cogs and gears. The man is puzzled…but then notices the the dark figure also moving…it adjusts its posture and sits up straight.

The man notices the figure moving, and commands him to pull up a bucket of water for him to drink. The figure doesn’t respond…the man’s patience decreases and he yells at the figure to do as he says. Still no response…

Frustrated the man begins tugging at the well’s rope to bring up the bucket. Suddenly…the figure reaches out and grabs the man’s arm…uttering a warning in an eerie, mechanical tone. Surprised, the man attacks the figure…knocking him to the ground and revealing his true nature (that was hidden under a dark cloak). The figure is not a man…but instead, a clockwork machine, made of hundreds of tiny intricate gears and pistons. Startled by this discovery…the man begins to destroy the clockwork figure. Taking a nearby stone and bashing its head in.

With the figure destroyed, the man continues to pull up the bucket of water from the well. Once it’s pulled up, he examines its contents (seeing the crystal clear water inside), and takes a sip.

Suddenly…he feels strange. He pauses for a moment…and takes another sip. He drops the bucket, and looks down at his feet. His skin appears animate…something is moving under its surface. The rippling under the surface of his skin continues up towards his abdomen, his arms, and finally his head. Then…in a burst of flesh and metal, countless numbers of pistols, rods, springs, cogs and gears tear out from under his skin. He screams in agony as his fleshly body is transformed into a mechanical device. The scene cuts to black as he screams, flailing on the ground, while large hordes of rats and bugs approach.

We cut to a young boy entering the enclosure. The boy approaches the well and looks down, innocently, disregarding the dark figure by its side. Peering into the opening of the well, the boy tugs on the rope to bring up the bucket of water----only to have his arm grabbed by the dark figure—now, the man (in his mechanical form)—who issues the same warning to the boy that he received ages ago.

So that’s basically it :slight_smile: A twist on the “fountain of youth” story, where the mortal body is replaced with a long-lasting mechanical counterpark when one drinks from its water.

Hope you like it! It’s gonna be tough to get it done on time…I imagine it’ll be 2-3 minutes in length when done.


Hey ivan really glad to see you in, buddy,
and so! I like it! great story

cheers, mim


Great idea, Tyson!

Can’t wait to see your stuff, I’m a fan since the sparrow video!


Geez Tyson…seriously complex story there! I must admit Im looking forward most to seeing the rat, splayed open with all the gears and stuff inside.

There is a very cool WIP that I bookmarked a while ago…could be a source of inspiration for you!


this will certainly be interesting to see get done in the time alotted.


Heya T, will be looking at your thread in the next weeks, dunno yet if I’ll enter

Good luck oh great 3D GURU :slight_smile:


Working on the main character…going with a much more stylized approach then my character in Matrioshka. :slight_smile: