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Taino Soba has entered “Steampunk Myths and Legends”.


I am retelling the Greek myth of “Daedalus and Icarus” with the use of CG characters and sets. The story will take place in a steampunk world and will focus on the father and son relationship. The goal is to tell a more morbid story with the use of imagery and sound.

[right]Taino Soba


These are my first roughs for the cast characters.


This is what I came up with for the title and the characters. There is a lot to do =)


Daedalus & Icarus



Third Draft


Train to the Island of Crete – INT. _ DAY

Daedalus and Icarus sit facing one another in a passenger cart. Their window over looks the landscape as the train travels over a bridge leading to the Island of Crete.


The Tale I am about to tell is one of a father and son and the destinies they made for one another.

Daedalus a renowned genius and his only son Icarus are headed to the Island of Crete at the request of the temperamental and very Powerful Lord Minos.


Lord Minos’s mansion – EXT._DAY

Lord Minos stands on porch of his estate as Daedalus and his son Icarus bow in respect.


Lord Minos has the reputation of being a tyrant. But As much as people fear him, he fears the people just the same. Minos fears the day the people may stand up to him and revolt.

Living on the island gives Minos some comfort; however in the case of Lord Minos, paranoia would often win over rationale, which is why he is commissioning Daedalus to construct the most inescapable labyrinth ever created. The labyrinth will cover the perimeter of the island and also act as a shelter Minos’s iron-clad monster, the Minotaur.


Clock tower – EXT._DAY

Minotaur chained to the wall in the clock tower as it lets out a haunting scream.


Daedalus’s Work shop – INT._DAY

One of Minos’s aids shows Daedalus his new work shop. It’s grand with high ceilings and equipment covering every in of every wall. Icarus looks up in amazement. He steps into the room, only to have his father pull him back to his side.


Daedalus is given his own workshop, in the East wing, to begin planning. The room is grand and filled with all the equipment and materials he would ever need.


Daedalus’s Work table – INT._NIGHT

Daedalus sits frustrated as he tries to draw up plans for the labyrinth. Icarus sits beside him playing with his toy horse. Daedalus gets pestered by his son and sends him to bed. He accidentally knocks over a cup of water and gets his plans all wet. Icarus walks off to bed sad. Daedalus looks at the wet plans; a look comes over him as an idea hits him.


Daedalus worked all day and night trying to come up with the final plans for the labyrinth. He already knew that in order to make the maze inescapable its walls would also have to be unclimbable and the labyrinth itself to be able trap its victims with the exception of Minos’s Minotaur as well. The stress was getting to Daedlus, after all his reputation and life were at stake, for he knew of Lord Minos’s temper.

But then it hit him


Labyrinth Construction Site – EXT._DAY

Daedalus stands with his plans overseeing the construction of the labyrinth. In the foreground Icarus makes a friend with a seagull. Daedalus notices and grabs Icarus while kicking the bird away.


Water, He would use the Island largest resource to fuel the labyrinth. Thousands of intertwining pipes housing scolding hot sea water would make up the labyrinth’s walls. Valves would release hot steam that would act as an impenetrable wall preventing anyone from escaping. And as for the Minotaur, his ironclad body would make him resistant to the harmful steam walls.


Labyrinth Complete – EXT._DAY

Minos, Daedalus, Icarus, stand outside the entrance of the labyrinth as guard roll a cage holding the Minotaur to the entrance.


Minos pleased with the labyrinth has a few of his men release the Minotaur into the labyrinth. Then he turns to Daedalus and orders his guards to place him and Icarus in the clock tower. Daedalus tries to struggle but to no avail.


Clock Tower – INT._NIGHT

Daedalus and Icarus sit captive in Minos’s clock tower. Daedalus is trying to figure out how to escape as Icarus sits nearby talking to his bird friend through a small window.


Daedalus notices Icarus by the window being entertained by the same bird from the Labyrinth. Frustrated he pulls the boy away from the window. But, as he sees the bird fly away, a familiar look comes over him.

Daedalus paces back and forth thinking as Icarus watches.


Clock Tower – INT._NIGHT

Daedalus starts sketching up plans, as Icarus plays in the background.


Clock Tower – INT._NIGHT


Daedalus worked all night.

A Guard checks in on Daedalus and Icarus while they sleep. After the Guard leaves Daedalus opens his eyes and pulls out his final plans from under him, revealing drawing of a pair of mechanical wings.


Clock Tower – INT._DAY

Daedalus strips clock tower for all the parts he needs.


The next morning Daedalus begins striping the clock tower for the materials he needs to construct the wings.

His plan is for him and his son to fly at night, for three very important reasons.

One, the night sky would conceal them from the guards; second, the stars will help navigate them to the main land, and the third and most important reason, is to not to expose the sensitive gears to the sun’s heat, which would cause them to buckle and fall apart

Lord Minos walks into the clock tower.


That was the plan, until Minos informs Daedalus that Icarus was going to be used to test the labyrinth at noon.

This meant Daedlus’s plan would need to change.


Clock Tower Minute Hand – EXT._DAY

Daedalus and Icarus stand out on the Clock’s minute hand as birds fly over head.


The next morning Daedalus and Icarus walk out onto the Clock’s minute hand for their escape. Daedalus reminds Icarus to stay close and to keep in the shade or the thin fragile gears of the wings may buckle under the sun’s heat.


Outside – EXT._DAY

A guard spots the father and son and begins to shoot at them.


Clock Tower Minute hand – EXT._DAY

Daedalus and Icarus take off


The father and son jump from the clock tower and their wings open in splendor. All who witness are stunned in amazement, including Lord Minos himself.

Daedalus and Icarus’s wings extend out simultaneously catching the wind and allowing them to glide off the island. Daedalus stays focus as Icarus is hypnotized with his new wings, doing loops and twist in the air.


Air – EXT._DAY


Daedalus is focus ahead, as Icarus is romanced with the freedom the sky bestowed on him. A freedom he was not prepared for.

Icarus spots his bird friend high in the air. The temptation proves is too great. Ignoring his fathers warning, the boy follows the bird away from the safe shade.

Daedalus fails to notice as Icarus flying higher and higher. By the time he does realizes, it’s too late, Icarus is well above the clouds and exposed to the sun.

The gears on Icarus’s wings fall apart and Icarus begins to fall helplessly.

By the time Daedalus turn around, Icarus is already gone.


Cliff – EXT._DAY

Daedalus sits on a cliff over looking the ocean where Icarus fell with a blank look on his face, still wearing his wings and clinching Icarus’s toy.


Icarus was lost and Daedalus, just as lost without his son by his side.

Daedalus removes his wings hold Icarus’s toy to his chest and jumps off the side of the cliff, never to be heard of again.



Modeling the head


finishing it up the rest of the model


Near final. I nead to move on to the rest of characters. This model was more then anything for me to test how i will approuch the rest of the production. See what works what doesn’t,see what my computer could handle etc.


This is the modelsheet i did for the previous test Model I made of daedalus


Ok, so the lock it ticking and I of coarse have tons left to do.

It needs to be understood that the Daedalus model I did was created as a test model to help me decide on decisions for the actual production models It will help me foresee problems I my encounter when it comes to the final models. It also allows me to critic it with out worrying about tweaking as because the new models will be started from scratch anyway. I definitely rather approach a model correctly from the start then making major adjustments. After the test models the other models tend to come out faster.


Just to show how I start a model. I like to stat with the mouths.

Minos Model

Icarus Model


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