Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Stefano Tsai


started to model back of main body


Modelled back details of main cabin


Wow Dude. You have some great modeling skills.:thumbsup:


wow, it only left 12 days for this challenge, and I still stay on modelling.


Thanks alot, Mate!

I am too late to finish this challenge.

Good Luck with your image, they look pretty good, Man!


I’d say you that you have an amazing modelling right now! :smiley: ,
You might continue with other stages of the process simultaneously … as much as I can see, you work very quickly “enough”.
Looking forward for more…:bounce:


wow! great model! what software do you use to model this bad boy?


everything steampunk is in there!:slight_smile: nice design i really do hope you finish this piece in time!


Thanks alot, Dapi :smiley:
You are so kind to me.
yup, I should do what you said, I stay in modelling process for long time.
Cheers, Mate!


Hi,Thanks, iatriki:
I use 3dmax for this challenge:wip:


Thanks alot, Man!
I hope I can finish that, too!
I have the completed image in my mind, just need more time to do it.
Original, I wish I will have some free time to do it around Xmas and New Year’s holidays,
however, I spent most of time with two daughters.
I will do my best and see what happen

Cheers, ra-gevz!


Added details of mainbody


Great:thumbsup:. No need to mention again your modeling skill is excellent:). Hey I feel you can finish it dude. Also you can do a lot in photoshop instead of doing too much texturing and unwrapping work in Max or Maya. Once your composition is ready just render it in hi reso with some basic textures and lighting and rest can be done in Photoshop. Just a suggestion.


nice work. will there be a detai;led texture ok you’ll keep it like this


start to model upper arm of robot


HI, Man

Thanks a lot for this idea, I am thinking if I can make it by the way you mentioned.
It will be more like MattPainting.
I will try it if I feel there still a hope that I can finish the challenge.:cool:
Cheers, Man


Hi, authentic:

Thank you :smiley:
Sorry, I didn’t get what you meant.
Did you mean if I will keep doing textures as much as I did in modelling?


Yes. Just to know if you’ll add more textures or if it is a sort of final textured version. Sorry for the tape mistake.


Don’t worry, authentic!
It’s my mistake :smiley:

No, I will add textures later, it’s only gray models for now.
Many Thanks for reply:cool:


start to model upper arm of robot