Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Stefano Tsai


does i see the winner thread?

fantastic…i wonder every time how fast and clean you are modelling…


Your modelling skills are impressive. Looks like your really well off, and huge robots - can it get better? :wink:

But thumbs up for your work, I am excited to read more about the story behind this humongous invention.


Excellent progress. Great modeling and perfect steam punk style :thumbsup:


this thing is freakin awesome!


Well, I don’t really see any point in continuing my entry. :smiley:
I love the ao lighting in the room, instead of the regular grey ao that people usually post,
your website is great also. That airship station is crazy.


updated of modelling of head


Hi, Thanks a lot for so many replies and compliments, folks!

Thanks alot, Man!Yup,I do feel like this,really want one in my life…hehe!
Maybe I should buy a 3d printer,however I will need a big one.

To oneandonlyDiscostu:
Cheers for your special 5 stars,dude :smiley:

To mtea:
Many Thanks for your kind words, buddy!
However,there are too many superb talented artist here,I don’t think I will be the winner at all. I love this topic and only want to have fun.

To Daxtor:
Yup, you are right, pal! I should come up more story,will do! Thanks :smiley:
To andycircus:Thanks for visiting my are just too kind to me,Man!I will keep it going as far as I can.


Finished the back of the head.


wow, awesome man!!!
Incredible quality and speed of modeling you’re producing


The amount of detail and care you have put into your model is astounding. I am truly impressed, inspired, and intoxicated by this entry. Great work!


Holy s@#$! So much detail! And you’re working so fast! This is becoming a really fantastic entry! I wouldn’t have the patience to model so much detail :eek:


Looking good! I’m curious about the story though.
I went through your challenge page but I didn’t find anything about it.


updated of modelling of head


updated of modelling of head bottom


Adjusted the bottom of the head


Added more details between head and mainbody of the robot


modelled interior of mainbody


modelled mainbody


HI, Thanks alot, Goro :smiley:

It took me a while to think what is the best story for my steampunk,
Sorry for taking so long to post it here,
Basicly, I want to tell a story about The Terracotta Army,
I got the idea from Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.
Qin Shi Huang , He was known for the introduction of legalism and also for unifying China.
I want to make steampunk style’s terracotta army and as you know,
they were the secret army of the King.
So I guess, they had some high-tech stuff to build some robots and helped him to unite the Kingdom.


updated the mainbody’s modelling