Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Stefano Tsai


Luvverly! Really liking the composition of your sketch too. Not so sure about the gold texture you used on the initial models but i guess that not finalised anyway!


Looking very good so far! Promising to say the least! Best of luck and looking forward to what you’re going to do with this exactly!


Looking awesome so far! good luck Stefano :slight_smile:


It’s looking good man!! and I wait for your process in 3d that I think I can learn from you a lot!!!

good luck.:bounce:


He he, you really got me there :slight_smile: That modeling just looked too speedy. But now we all know how good your modeling skills are :wink: Nice drawing btw.


I like the style of the modelling…now that I have seen the concept for the scene…I like it even more!


whow! So much work is done already, u’ll be sure one of the first to finish this challenge :slight_smile: Very nice model, love all fine details and cogs, also the wood details. Now that I see the composition sketch I cant wait to see it done. Its a promising concept! good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for all of comments and encouragement, folks!
After a rough conceptual art,I had started to model a head to get more ideas about styles.Here you see is a inside of control-room where is inside the head of steam-man.I still need time to write down my story and figure out the whole direction,but it feels so good to begin this journey.


New updated of modelling controlroom


your detail is really nice.:applause:


updated of modelling of head


Very good! Very much steampunk stile!
Cant wait to find out what is the mith behind your scene!


Very awesome modeling, this is really looking great :slight_smile:


Adjusted the door’s position


Hey Stefano !

that control room looks so cool !:bounce:
it’s a really cool concept, can’t wait to see more of this !
:buttrock: Rock on !


updated of modelling of head


Just amazing man!!!Very inspirational work.
Feel like you just wanna have a seat in that head!More!:smiley:


Wow, I’m speechless, that’s a brilliant work man. The amount of detail is impressing.


this is simply great. I’m amazed at the amount of work you’ve done in so little amount of time.


what the heck!!!

this is so intricate !

phenomenal! if there was stars to give youd get 5 already!