Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Stefano Tsai


You’re supposed to come up with new material… good stuff though.


Holyhell! Your work so far is straight ace… i think you nailed the Steampunk theme pretty good… to say the least! :buttrock:

Fantastic work! - J


Man this is insane!! Wow, nice work, I’m amazed at how all these mechanics seem to actually work! Nice, can’t wait to see the final pic.


Very Nice Stefano! Love it…what was the concept behind it though? Which myth or story was it?

Keep it coming mate…it’s going to be beautiful!



way too good man



well done so far and freakin model. :thumbsup: good luck with your entry.


Great work so far. I like the integration of the locomotive bits as well.


Definitely keep a close eye on this one. The model looks amazing. Best of luck to you.


That is a beautiful model I’ll be subscribing


Really good model. What is the Myth?

I am subscribing this one for sure!


I think that the metal texture on the hand can be improuved,
Excellent modelisation, work with extreme precision,
Wip to be followed…


Nice model, Stefano, but I’m a little confused: All of your work was all posted at the same time, and you mentioned continuing an older piece. How much of this work was done new for this Challenge and how much was work that you had already done? Please try to make sure that the bulk of your work is done expressly for this Challenge. Also, don’t forget that all of your work for this Challenge needs to be submitted through the official Challenge uploader… Good luck!


When I’ve said huge device … This too enormous !!!
Amazing work dude.


that’s seriously amazing man, :eek: but like walrus said if you did all that before the challenge you might have maybe a bit too much in advance on us. lol it would take me the whole challenge time to do that :smiley:

Anyways it rocks hard :applause:


I was thinking the same thing. I was like…“Okay…what modeler is he using to crank this thing out?”

It’s a great model by the way, but, its just coming at an amazing pace.


wow, very nice progress
the detailing is awesome
looking forward for the rest


Yeah, I’m with Walrus on this too. I really like the work and hate to be a spoil sport but I saw that it was all posted in your portfolio a month ago already… more explanation would indeed be nice.


Thanks all, Folks :smiley:
I am really happy to know you like it, Thanks alot :slight_smile:

The questions from Walrus about ‘‘how much was work that you had already done?’’
I am sorry to make you confused…sorry, Folks :slight_smile:

To be honest,I had done those model before this Challenge.
I did this long time before and the process was stopped cos my lazy.
After I saw this Challenge,I think that is a good punch to myself to complete this idea.

So, my idea is
to use this as a concept art, and re-built all models,
So all models that will show in this Challenge will be totally done within the Challenge’s period.

All of those images that I have uploaded to this thread,I quoted as’’ Conceptual ideas come from’’.

Thanks for reminding me need to be submitted through the official Challenge uploader,Walrus!

I will show new Model’s WIP very soon.
and I am so sorry to make everyone to feel so confussed.

Thanks alot for all of your encouragement and compliment :smiley:


Great model and Wip you did before this challenge. I’m happy you will use it in the challenge. I will see next step in your process.


this is a rough sketch to show what kind of environment’s size I will deal with.This is a factory they made steam robots, and what I want to do is their production line and management.