Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Stefano Tsai


HI, Man

Thanks a lot for this idea, I am thinking if I can make it by the way you mentioned.
It will be more like MattPainting.
I will try it if I feel there still a hope that I can finish the challenge.:cool:
Cheers, Man


Hi, authentic:

Thank you :smiley:
Sorry, I didn’t get what you meant.
Did you mean if I will keep doing textures as much as I did in modelling?


Yes. Just to know if you’ll add more textures or if it is a sort of final textured version. Sorry for the tape mistake.


Don’t worry, authentic!
It’s my mistake :smiley:

No, I will add textures later, it’s only gray models for now.
Many Thanks for reply:cool:


start to model upper arm of robot


little updated


Amazing modeling…One of the remarkable characters I came across so far in this challenge. I really would love to see this ending up…truly.

Anyway good luck to you in the future!


Hi, Many Thanks,mrpeace :smiley:
I am really happy with my character and I had a lot of fun doing that.
However, I really didn’t have too much time to finish it.
it was about 30 mins for one day ( After my two daughters go to bed and I have to clean everything, it’s about 11pm.)
So time is really too tight for me and can’t be done in time.

However, I really really did enjoy the whole process of this challenge.
Many Thanks for CG Talk for giving this wonderful challenge.
Thanks a lot for all of comments and compliments from all of CGTalk’s friends.

For sure, I will continue to finish this,
If you are still interested, you can go to my website in the future,
I will keep updating WIP there.

Many Thanks again.
I may see you next challenge :smiley:

Good Luck for other challengers!


A pity you can’t finish your entry in time. It looks so good. I hope to you again in another challenge :slight_smile:


Hi, MartinNielsen:
Thanks alot, Mate!
Will do!
All the Best for your challenge, yours looks ace…really cool :smiley:


looking great man
keep going :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for your special encouragement
I will do my best : )
I love your website, your cg works are ace, Jason :smiley:


updated the mainbody’s modelling


updated the materials to get a rough feeling of colors and contrast


Awesome! It looks realy great, and with new materials, it looks even better :eek:, man, your modeling skills are undefeatable :smiley: , there is a lot of work in this piece, Im looking forward your final!


add more details for junctions between body and elements


Thank you very much, Ramirezz!
I will try to finish this image in time, however, I am not 100% sure about it.
I feel that I already run out of time for this competition…only 2 days left.

Good Luck with your steampunk, it looks very very good, a lot of details, Man!


Finally, I had a start of environment today.Hope you will like it.Cheers :smiley:


need to start work on floor and central area, then is some characters in the middle of factory.


update pre-viz lighting