Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: SRISUWAN SKAN


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Latest Update: Final Image: Longinus


Hi all, sorry for entering just now, here’s my only free time to join this challenge ha ha.

My concept is about longinus lance and semi abstract mechanic angel, hope I can make it on time.


:slight_smile: nice to meet you on challenges
hope to see your work soon


hey! very late! man
but i know you can make it on time just like in master servant challenge!
how are you? just got some free time in new year holiday?
wait for another amazing stuff from you again !


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I put some of photo in my warehouse for inspiration and reference in the same time, now developing my image base on the rough sketch I did before.


Since I’m working for game, I have 3D assistance with me also, he help me make 3D on demand when he have free time, I play alot with 3D program and have fun mess around with many tools in 3D max.

Here are some random mess up particle I ask my assistance to render. (he’s kinda frustrated when I ask him to do so hee hee)


I’m glad i reminded you of this competition. Now the heat is rising. :buttrock:

My Steampunk Thread :


I add more detail and define the forms in B&W, will apply color later.

For background, I will leave it white like that.


this is looking extremely promising already, your other stuff already blows me away, i can’t wait to see more. Good luck with finishing on time, all the best


Awesomeness!!! This is intense!

If you slap some background art instead of white would be cool!


hey,happy new year!seem it’s time for us to burn?!:beer:
anyway,looking cool concept so far.I like angel and dynamik compos.


In the end, I’m not gonna make all element to be dark in white background so, black background to push all elements to popping out is a better solution for now.

Right now is still quite abstract but I know what to add clearly, it’s gonna be just “semi abstract” this time hee hee.


After get overall elements composed, I start to add and define detail part by part starting from top left side of the image.

I make this piece as a relaxing so I may not have any design or concept etc. etc. I have enough of that from my jobs already, now I wanna play hee hee.


Really diferent your work, I love that Chaos, and good that you make this for relax… enjoy¡ :beer:


hey man, i’am a fan of your, look like your pulling out the signature move.


2 days left… I think I can do it on time, I think…

By the way, I dun feel so good like this for a years since I must draw everything exact and reasonable everyday ha ha.


Awesome work!I love your detail,the composition give us more.


wow dude, you didn’t tell me that you’re in the competition, hehehehe, anyway, nice piece dude as always, but i think your art this time is too futuristic, maybe add some gears and pipes to make it more looks like steampunk stuff


really strange and beautifull work. i like it !