Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Slav Kravchenko


Slav Kravchenko is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: WIP: background plate


ill be doing baba yaga. stay tuned.


i am going to switch somethings up, redesign the house into steam punk and ivan is going to be a some kind of desert vagabond. if you guys want to find out more about the story there are a few great translations of the Pushkin story… as well as countless interpretations on the net.


hey dood nice to see ya here again…

its looking great so far :slight_smile:


Good start man … and good luck with the whole idea …



very interesting concept mate! good to see you in the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:
wishing you all the luck! :thumbsup:




thanks for droppin by and checking me out again. you guys rock!


coool stuf Slav!!


Looking good, Slav! It’s a good myth to choose for this Challenge. I like how you’re roughing out the layout. Compositionally, it might be nice to try moving the vagabond over to fill in the dead space on the left side. And it might be nice to push the hut’s legs further, try some different proportions. good luck and have fun!


amazing previz. love this. the little house thingy robot is so cute. i’m looking forward to seeing this. (^_^)/


Looks like it is going places


Hey Slav,

Really cool to see you in the challenge :smiley:

Cool sketck and concept, like a lot the atmosphere on it :slight_smile: Good luck and looking forward for more updates! Cheers! :beer:


“Izbushka na kuryih nojkah”, ha-ha, great! :applause:
I was considering to do “Ruslan i Liudmila”, Chernomor in particular, but for now stopped on another idea. May still change though :slight_smile:

Looking forward for this one!


I remember as a child, when I was told this story Ivan always had a companion. a flock of animals that followed him, sometimes it was a bear other cases it was squirrels. Its stuff like that that really sold the humanity and believability of the hero.

my own interpretation of that via steam punk aesthetic.


Hello Slav,

I love the story, and the scout rocks. Best of luck.


that is a nice design on the scout.


Great work so far, I too really like the scout. It totally has that steampunk aesthetic.


was playing around the the placement of the elements i got in my image, decided to lean with michael’s advice. made Ivan bigger, soon ill make him cooler too! and thanks again to everyone who took their time to comment.


ur concept looks good to me. would follow ur thread :thumbsup: