Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Sachithra Ediriweera Gamage


Sachithra Ediriweera Gamage is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Deep Sea Guardian


I decided to build my Steampunk entry based on the famous sea legend; Kraken. I am still defining its concept stages.


oh cool… the kraken! I look forward to more pictures!


Modeled the arm…still doing few more modifications on it.


The processes within the Arm


I aligned the gears accordingly. Meaning, the system works if provided with power!


This is the upper arm, I am considering on redefining it by adding few more nuts and bolts and hydraulic pistons as well.


This is how my arm mechanism works, Kind of enjoyed during this part of modeling.


This is the start of modeling the Body section.


Did few more modifications. Even by the time of this upload, the cage looks more modified than this.


One of the most important parts of my character.


I really like the progress. little but steady.Sad that not many ppl step into your wip.
Definitely keep up the great work will ya~


nice work man, I like those nice details on its claw.
Will it attack on something like kraken did?
Looks promising :slight_smile:


love your modeling style. keep up the good work :thumbsup:


this looks really cool!
cant wait to see what you do with it next :slight_smile:


Yes , Thanks all who replied so far, i will post my latest update soon.
I am working on how to get few more people viewing my WIP- so they cud point my
mistakes and stuff…:wink:


everyone needs a start. Building up your own friend group and small community takes time. Visiting others’ post and give comments would be an excellent start. It took me about a year to get my own group slowly. best wishes~


That’s the spirit…Hi JackZhang …really love your concept and work so far…

@ Sachithra ___ This could be very dynamic in posing and framing …(sorry for the late visit…too much work lately)



The tail fin…with some gadgets and stuff


Ah yes, I am working on that. I also looking forward to “boost” my story of Kraken, for presentation purposes…here is a brief, I am still working on it…

During mid WW2 the Nazis suddenly recalled thousands of Scientists, Mathematicians, Mechanics, from the front lines*. This was in order to create a powerful war weapon to oppose ally forces. This was an era which nuclear research activity of both sides (ALLY and AXIS) were intensive. As a result OPERATION KRAKEN was implemented by the Nazis. “Kraken” was derieved from the German term “Krake”; meaning Octupus, which the original designs were planned.

KRAKEN was to create a powerful nuclear powered Underwater machine which only needed a crew of ONE to operate. The target was to destroy ally ships and planes which brought in troops to Europe.

As the project reached its point of completion, the Nazis were forced to abandoned it as Allies entered Germany. The machine was launched to the sea along with a captain to man it, but was never heard after. Few years later Strange ship and plane disapperances started occuring in a reigon known as the BERMUDA TRIANGLE*. US Scientists predicted it as ALIEN ACTIVITY or A UNKNOWN FORCE OF NATURE. But only the remaining few Nazi scientists of OPERATION KRAKEN knew the TRUTH.

*Based on actual fact.