Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Sabrina Bott


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Latest Update: Final Image: Leaving Atlantis


weeeeeeeeeeee!! :bounce: sabrina!! good lord … it’s been a long time girl! :eek: … i think the last time we met was for the eon challenge … ? great to see you here my friend! i wish you all the luck! :thumbsup:


Aha! Sabie! I’m so glad to see you in, now - let the fun begin!


Hey Neville,
you remember well, it’s been a while since the EON challenge. So it’s about time to have some fun again:arteest: . Good luck for you too!

Ah, Gunie, yep, I couldn’t resist to join the team and we’ll have some fun for sure:love:

The first thought that came to my mind seeing the topic (and also the second and third thought…) was to recreate a steampunK version of a german tale by the Brothers Grimm: “The Frog Prince” or Iron Henry.
Just playing around with the idea and see if I can sketch something this weekend…



I think this time the team is all here… for the fun… and more…

all my best wishes for you Sabie…
…your first idea already sounds good… waiting the first sketch now :wavey:


oh dawinky, good luck with your entry … I remember earlier challenges with you :thumbsup:


Sabrina !
welcome !:applause:


Hey Sabrina! Good luck.
Brothers Grimm steam punk sounds great. :thumbsup:


Hi Sabrina!

Good idea I think to recreat a Steampunk version of these tales…looking forward to see some update!!

Good luck and have fun! :beer:


sabiiiie :smiley: !!

welcome my friend :bowdown:


Sabrina … I like the way u are thinking so far keep going :arteest: waiting to see some cool art here :scream:


Yeha Sabrina!Sounds cool!Happy to see you back!HAve fun & good luck friend!


Hi Lolo, yep, a good team already, but some are still missing…where is Steph?:scream:
Thanks for your good wishes and the sketch comes as soon as I’ve cleaned my desk from the really urgent stuff…

Hey Roman, I remember well too, so let’s resurrect the “good old times” :smiley: and have some fun here!

Hi Gilles, good to see you here too!

Hey Per, that’s great, already looking forward to jump in your thread!

Hi Simone, great, another challenge veteran! Good luck for you too!

Laeticia:wavey: , great to see you again…but where is your entry, I hope you’re already in!

Wheeee Tony, a few "Keep going"s from you are better than to much coffee, so I count on you:deal: !

Hi Remko, thanks, it feels really good to be back in another challenge! :cool:



yep Sabrina !! it’s been a while for sure since EON ! challenges passed away, and we are still here ! :buttrock:

Be sure i’ll take lot of delight to follow your work again :slight_smile:


Hey Sabrina,

Its nice to see you back for another challenge , I have been MIA since Eon as well. Looking forward to your concepts .



hey Sabrina :slight_smile: … how are you?


Yippeee! It’s great to see you in this one Sabrina. And I’m always amazed by the quality of your work. Bring it on!


hey Sabrina!! Great to see you here!:bounce: all the best!


hey Sabrina!
nice to see known faces after so long
and we’re all back in the challenge!
the best of luck!:thumbsup:


Hi Sabrina - can’t wait to see what you cook up :slight_smile: All the best of luck :buttrock: