Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roman Bernhard Eppstein


Already finished ? :twisted: haha

that appear very good, I like much this guy like that :applause:


No, Lemog, do you see any steam ? :wink:
I’m trying to figure out now the design of the giant with lot of metal plates, gears, tubes etc. For the cottage I want a realistic render (as realistic as possible).


not for the moment… but soon I’m sure :wise:


Head “studies” to figure out the design of the Giant.


Body “studies” to figure out the design of the Giant.


Modeling Head Wip, Basic Shape


Body Modeling. I made now a rough model of my giant and how he could looks like. I will then add much details …


don’t have lot of time last days but I started with a new basic body modeling, better now …


Hi Roman,

hey, your giant is coming along nicely! I like the concept sketches and the modeling part is already very good:thumbsup: . Good idea also to give him a light as a kind of cyclops eye, I can already imagine that he will look fairly frightening in the final scene!

Have a nice day,



quick modeling update of the giant’s arm. it gives me an idea of the arm construction so I will made it now again in similar way and with more components.


So I guess the construction of the arms will be still visible later, that was not clear in the sketches - good solution, very much in style!:thumbsup:



Pas mal :drool:

interesting design… the continuation is ok for me… a bit different than I thought, but it’s a better way… and original… then… GO for more :buttrock:


just another small modeling update; hope to have more time to spend on it soon.


Current model wip; I’m going forward with little steps … the giant needs still hands and some more gadgets.


Just for fun and see how it looks like, model rendered with the basic 3d concept sketch enviroment.


Congratulations for the original look… that give the envy to see much more :thumbsup:

good continuation :beer:


Morning Roman,

wow, some serious progress here, and an original look for the giant indeed!:thumbsup: The preview with the environment sketch looks fine for me, perhaps just too much empty space in the upper part…how about adding a kind of backpack for the giant?

Have a nice day,



Model with rough textures of one of total 4-5 different houses top on the montain that giant ‘s?ntis’ is going to collect.



you’re right with the empty space; and in fact I planned to add a backpack before, but I think it should be bigger as it is on sketches. thanks, sabrina.
but first I focus on the second house …


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