Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


I been flipping the canvas and moving and rotating figures and cleaning up and linking the background better.

Does this look better? Is David clearer and the link with the Controller better?


I think it’s there now. To me, there’s a clear eye contact, and therefore a connection, between David and the man in the robot. Excellent piece :slight_smile:


I’ve quickly daubed on some lights without think too much about the details of the sources.

Is this way off? On the right track?

I’d really appreciate some help.

Looking at David again, I think it looked better with the middle of the composition more open. Any thoughts?


looking superb fella top stuff, cracking idea


Martin: thank you. I think you’re right about the eye contact.
Rob: cheers, mate!

It’s about midnight here. I think I’ll sleep on it and see if anyone else has any suggestion.


Cheers Roger, thanks been looking at those pesky planes for hours will ammend them.
Yeh adding some lights to your image will really punch it out, give u some hot spots of colour maybe even try red or blue lights for atmosphere and then u can have the added fun of adding in the metallic highlights which will look marvellous.


roger, this is coming along nicely. I wish you good luck!


Rob, Thanks, I’m not sure I want it to get too colourful, that’s the problem. I want to keep a certain mood, and not move over to a too science-fictiony look.

Jack: thanks for the encouragement.

Any thoughts or observations from anyone would be gratefully received.
Thanks for looking.



it is fantastic,
i really like it,

you have you own style and the story is there.
I can read your picture without any words :slight_smile:

i wish you good luck,

and hope to see you on the next challenge!:slight_smile:


Thanks, Jamshed. we must have posted at the same time.

Any thoughts about the lights? You hare pretty good at lights. :slight_smile:


Hi Roger,

Yes, it was a surprise to post at the same time :slight_smile:

About light in your scene,

Actually, at the begining i thought that you will have a night scene here as it was in your first sketches,

But now it seems to happen at overcast cloudy daytime.
And i think it is ok,
it feels more steampunkish.

I like what you have now,
it is your vision and you did well Roger.

Also want to thank you for your continious support in my thread,
it was a first serious challenge for me,
a bit upset that i couldnt finish it on time,
had a really busy days at my regular work.
But it is ok.
I wanted to have fun,
and i enjoyed it really much.

But you did well Roger.
Will meet you on the next challenge!:slight_smile:


That’s really nice, thanks Jamshed.

I really appreciate your support too. Couldn’t you do one or too more sessions and just submit anyway? I really like yours: definitely one of the most cinematic.

This is my first challenge here too. I’d done a few small and one quite big challenge over at the Pixel Corps. Lots of great folks to help and support there, and a nice quiet, safe place to develop one’s skills. I’m happy, because I think I was just ready for this challenge, and I’m content with my performance.

Here’s another version - nearly there. Fixed the lights, added lots more detail in the machinery and a bit more work on the characters.

Think I’m getting close.


Here’s the image.


very nice details on the goliath. its a wonderful take on the myth


Holy hell this is a great thing youv’e been making here:D Really easy to tell the myth is david and goliath, but I think the robot is sort of boring. It is great looking, just a little tactile, but apart from that, great work:D



Even; thank you … I think. :slight_smile:
Timothy: thank you very much.


So this is my final image - unless anyone has anything to say?

Final image is 2500x4650


Software: Photoshop

The famous British Industrialist and inventor, Sir Gerald Oswald Liath, of Liath Industries, has for the past 10 years been a recluse, seen only by those of his immediate household at his large country estate and workshop he build in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Sir Gerald has had dark dreams of the filth and sqallor of the slums his factories have helped to create in the sprawling slums of London. His mind becomes fixed on bringing the whole festering mess down and re-building the city as the gleaming Eden it should have been. Sinking into madness, he finally creates his greatest work, the giant Goliath, the first of an army of machines that will bring about the visions of his crazed mind.

But the poor and downcast of London showed the genius of their spirit and hope in the young boy David, who felled the giant on the dawn of the fateful day, with a small cobble from the mud of those same streets Sir Gerald loathed so much.

95% Photoshop with some elements of machinery created in Illustrator, and Cinema 4D used once to map a base image of the cast relief on the main body of Goliath.


Hi, Roger! Glad you’ve recovered enough from your flu to finish this. It looks really wonderful. Great job on the details! I do have a couple of suggestions which you can take or leave, as you will:

In some of your earlier posts - like #75, 76, and #97 - it looked like David’s weapon was blurred a bit from him spinning it. Maybe it wasn’t, maybe it was just you having only roughed it out. But I really liked it having blur to it, it really gave a kinetic feeling of him whipping it around his head before releasing it. I miss that energy.

Secondly, with so any dark shadows in the foreground, Davis feels a bit washed out compared to everything else. The values of his jacket are a bit similar to the ground behind him. Maybe darken that ground a bit and remove some of the atmospheric hazing or darken his shadows or both to make him pop a bit more against the background.

Anyhow, just some picky suggestions. either way, you’ve toughed it out done a wonderful job and produced a really terrific painting. Nice work, and thanks for all of your comments in my thread. They’ve been helpful!




The final image uploaded the same time your post came in. I knew I should have waited.

All your points are spot on. I will make the changes anyway, but I don’t think I can re-upload this final image.Can I?

Thank you so much for the comments over these weeks, Michael. It has been tremendous fun, and an honour to have rub shoulders with and to have learned from so many wonderful artists.