Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


forget about party at this weekend! You must finish this piece!


Hi Roger,

It looks great. Very nice colors, and the machine is spectacular.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Good luck:beer:


I’m back and I’ve been doing a lot more to Goliath - but probably doesn’t look like it.

Can’t do any more now - it’s after 4am. Got to get some sleep before work.

Still more to do to the buildings and a bit to the characters. Then maybe just add some lamps around Sir Gerald’s head to bring some warm light.

Thanks for all the nice comments, I’ll answer better tomorrow.

Hope there’s a bit of an extension.


Here’s a screen grab at 50% without the steam and smoke, etc.


Looking beautiful! The only thing I would suggest is to have more colour in Goliath…gold filigree, maybe? Or scrollwork?


Amazing work. I subscribed to your thread early on because your original illustrations struck a great mood with lighting. Really impressive progression. As they say: “Thread Delivers”.

paperclip: He reminds me of one of the actors who played Dr. Who.


I’ve been peaking at your concept for a couple of weeks now, since I joined the challenge. It seems your on the first few pages the times I went to update my wip. You’ve developed this concept so nicely. the compostion is great and the goliath is like a visual definition for steam punk. good work man - good luck!


Thomas, Grey, Theresa, Iban, Marcin and Piotrek, thank you so much for visiting and offering encouragement: I’m sure you all know how nice it is near the end of something like this.

Looks like I have a reprieve; I was affraid I would have to work till the end. Now I have just enough time to do this properly.

Theresa, hope you didn’t think i was too rude. I think I do have one of those faces, and as Grey pointed out - maybe Dr. Who. I don’t have nearly as much hair at the moment, so I look quite different. I’ll think about the gold idea - very nice, but I don’t want to take too much attention from the main action. Thanks anyway.


I hope to see you finish roger. You’ve been at it for some time. I love the design of the walking steam vehicle in the background. Good luck on your venture.


Hey Roger,

what I see looks damn good, the detailing on the robot really improved! Though I think even more 3D, boldness on the main boiler motives would bring those last 10% you need to have it perfect. As an inspiration, think maybe about those ornament on Victorian Warships, usually under the captain´s cabin.

thanks by the way for giving me some very usefull tips in my Thread.

Good Luck!


I just can’t stop looking at this entry. Sorry I can’t give you any valuable comment, I just lack the technical knowledge, and english vocabulary ;)… but I can give you my subjective impressions: It’s just beautiful. The painterly style, the realism in the figures, the strong vertical composition and the dinamism it has, the clear story it tells, the cold and lovely colors

You are a very talented person, and I hope you post more of your work in these forums

I wish you all the best with the challenge :smiley:


Great designs…!


hi roger.
first at all im very pleased to see such great art by a swiss fellow. :thumbsup:
i like the idea very much.
But in my oppinion your image lost the dramatic contrast and the dirty look which i loved in the “skewed” post.

keep going and bonne chance!!


Sorry for the late response, I’ve had the flu. I really appreciate the comments.

Bryce: thank you very much, I will finish this weekend. :wink:

Fabien: Merci; right again, my friend.

Cristina: thank you indeed! It’s hard enough for me to comment in English, which is my first language.

Sachithra: thank you.

Michael: Merci!. Funny. but I had the same feeling last night and started to play with adjustment layers. I think a certain amount of energy is inevitably lost (unless you’re someone like Michael Dashow, or Marcin Jackubowski) on a more finished piece, but I might get a more ‘grungy’ thing going by the end.


I must admit I really like your style! your details are amazing man, can’t wait to see the final image.



Thanks, Jassar.

Here’s a 100% screen grab of the controller, Sir Gerald, strapped in safely and very determined to get that little rascal giving some cheek in front.

I’ve been playing with adding some lamps. I’ll post for some comments.


Oh, that’s appearing on my screen about 60%. Strange.


I’ve played around with adjustment layers to darken areas and bring back some of the heaviness and stronger silhouette as was mentioned. Also continuing to paint ruble and work on brickwork.

Is this better?

Still more to do on foreground figures and perhaps lighting


this is a very dynamic image. the moment you look at it you’re in there in the middle of the action!
i have a comment about the boy - the “David”. His hat looks a little odd and undefined. I looked at your earlier versions and the boy used to have this slightly pointy newsboy hat that seemed much better in my opinion. It suggested which way his head was turned which helps your eyes follow the composition. I also think that it was better when the silhouette of the boy popped more from the background. Right now his hand almost blends with the background, his head is right next to it - which makes my eyes work harder to make out the character.
Maybe you should check again your composition in grayscale. I know how it is when you look at a piece for a long time.

Keep up the good work!


That’s good advice, thanks Aleks.

I haven’t finished David yet, but perhaps I need to think a bit more. I didn’t want it too art-i-ficial, if you know what I mean: something a bit more naturalistic. A bit of a funny thing to say with a 40 foot steam powered robot in it. :wink: