Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


Hi, this is great. Such movement in your characters and very exciting perspective.


Sir, I believe that you have what may be one of the best in the competition. Usually when I see these kind of action shots, they seem really over-exaggerated and comic-book like. Your really conveys a sense of realism that actually makes you feel like you’re right there in the scene. Kudos to you!



Tim: thank you very much.

Andrew, that’s high praise indeed coming from you. I’ve just checked out your thread - wonderful stuff.


Looking nice, Roger. The details are coming along really nicely! Glad you changed the pose of that guy in the front right. In the last iteration he seemed oblivious of the giant Goliath and now he’s reacting to it. It adds to the excitement. I think, however, that he’s a bit distracting. Not his pose, but the color of his clothes: They’re right now the most saturated thing on the page and the only cool colors in a sea of warm earthtones. You may still have color balancing to do, but at the moment he’s really grabbing the eye away from everythign else.

Anyhow, good luck and thanks for your extremely generous comment on my thread! :thumbsup:


Love this so much! :thumbsup: You really captured the face expressions very well.


Michael, thank you for the second pair of eyes. It was bothering me a bit, but I wasn’t certain. I was afraid his face would be too distracting, but I see it is the colour. I’ll see what’s happening after David goes in, and I work on the lighting.

Thanks again for all your comments.


I cant help but feel that Goliath has lost a bit of its energy compared to all the earlier tests of it you did though. The machine just looks very static compared to all the action going on around it.


Martin: thank you very much. Let’s hope I can finish.

Teck: I totally agree, but hopefully I can invest it with a bit life as I paint the whole thing together. Thanks for commenting.


hey roger, this is probably my favorite entry so far dude, really mazing concept, i hope you finish this in time :smiley: cant wait to see the completed image.


Beautiful. Very nice expressions:). I think you will finish it in time.


I love this image! Think it’s one of my favourites in the whole competition.

Has a real sense of drama and captures the moment between David and Goliath. Great take on Goliath as well.


Took Tecks comments to heart and repositioned and repainted a lot of Goliath’s structure to try to add a greater sense of movement (albeit slow ad ponderous)

A lot of work all over and a new David with more thought out contrasts of dark and light.

I can see the end of the tunnel.


Chris, Roshan and Segio, thank you very much for the encouraging comments.

Still a bit to do with Sir Gerald and tweaking a few things. I’m away the weekend until Sunday evening, but will be able to take a final look with a bit of distance before the deadline.


Hello Roger,

first of all Congratulation! Your Work is progressing really nicely, I think your interpretation of the Steampunk theme is definitely one of the best I´ve seen so far!

If I can aloud myself, there is something i think that would enrich your new picture even more. When I look at your pre visu. painting and your last post I´m missing the richness of detailing you had on the main Boiler (little horizontal sculptures, 19th century molding around the “goliath” name etc…) it had a little bit more of this " jules verne" feeling you had so nicely rendered…

Apart of this It´s just amazing :applause:

Wish you good luck!



Fabien, thank you!

I think you are quite right. I really like those details too and have been working around them because they are difficult to do well. I will though.

Thanks again. I love your work too.


Salut Roger,
Wow, this looks really Epic! Characters are spot on and theres a strong feeling of movement/action.


Thank you Philip!

I’ll have time Sunday night to finish and meet the deadline.


I’m really looking forward to seeing this completed!

(P.S- The picture of you in your avatar reminds me strongly of someone…but I can’t figure out who- have you ever been told you look like someone else?)


I’m always being mistaken for George Clooney in cafes and sometimes Brad Pitt. Somebody even thought I looked like a young Rembrandt. :slight_smile: Must just have one of those faces.

Thanks for the nice comments.


fantastic stuff…you could help Rosinski on some Thorgals you know :wink: