Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


can’t believe I didn’t leave any words in this entry. I’ve been following from day one. it’s one of my most favourite. very steampunk, very wild wild west, very nice.


Hi Roger,
You are the famous guy in this challange, i like new composition but it would be nice if you make the left foot on the air(in movement) it will more work for you but it would be more dynamic, now look to symetric for me

my stemapunk - challages
-Stymphalian birds


WOW, Roger.

that illustrator structure study is crazy,

i hope you find time to finish this piece,
try to find a babyseater for your children! :slight_smile:


I can’t believe how far I have to go.

Just playing with some steam and smoke and possible destruction of the street.

Loads to do on Goliath still. I want to weave lots of subtle warm and cool hints all over generally. I want there to be a sense of early morning with some pink in the sky.

Wish I was at the stage a week ago!


If only it were that easy!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your continued support.


Heri: thanks. No time for surgery that drastic, unfortunately. Great idea, though.

Jack: I’ve visited your Kong many times; high time I posted there! :slight_smile: Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck.

Marthin; thank you very much!

Vasil; thank you! It’s what I need now.

Neville: that’s really nice, thanks. A bit grey at the moment, but that will change.


Hey, this is looking great… very Victorian era look to the world and characters. Very nice!


Screen grab of characters WIP at 60%.

Starting to layer some photo textures on the brick work - just low opacity.


1st of all great idea, but maybe David could look a little more technologically advance, if its even to make him stand out more.


damn, roger! that looks awesome… fantastic mood in this closeup… could be an image by itself! WOW.


this is really cool. i don’t know what to advise other than to say it’s scary good … and inspiring.
good luck!


she is definetely scared to death:)

Also looking at Goliath,
i thought about light projectors,
this machine has somehow light her way,
maybe it can be a good detail?

Just remembered those giantic tripods from War of the Worlds.


Magnifique, Roger GO GO GO!!!


wow … its going to be fantastic .
keep working Roger and good luck:applause:


Just got in from work.

Thank you so much, guys for the encouragement.

I’m going all the way.


Yes, yes.

Thanks, Jamshed.


This is definately one of my favorites. I love how it’s coming along- keep it going!


This is beautiful! The only crit I have so far is that the angle of the sling seems somehow distracting- maybe try putting it at a roughly 70 degree angle from where it is so it echoes the angle of the body and draws more attention to David, since right now all the attention is on Goliath…?

Please keep going though, I really love this one!


A bit more progress - painting on the foreground characters and adding more bits to Goliath.

Still lots to do, and grabbing time as I can. Lots of dials and tubes to come and the painting of Sir Gerald and David himself. Then to sort out the lighting. I will still put some lamps on lighting Sir Gerald. and was thinking about how I would adjust the pools of light and shade in the foreground and background.

Thanks again to everyone for their encouragement. It’s like being in the last few miles of a marathon - I imagine!


Theresa, yes, quite right, thanks. That was the idea. It was more of an angle but then I rotated David. He’s just something to put in that spot for now and will be completely repainted.