Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


fantastic scene with great possibilities!
The legs of the Goliath are not obvious for me. It looks a little like part of the building or some separate construction. But I’m sure that you will handle with it.
Maybe it would be better for the dynamics of the scene to rotate the legs “V” way instead of “^”. I hope you understand what I mean hehe.
And last thing: David’s weapon looks like a baseball bat. Haven’t you considered another kind of sling of a letter “Y” shape?
Keep up the great work!!


Mouhannad: thank you very much for the comment.

Marcin: I understand what you mean. I think the machinery - particularly the legs, are the things that will change the most as this progresses. There is something to be said for modeling. When I look at all the modeling entries, they have really had to think very specifically about structure and function. Thanks again. :slight_smile:
Edit: I thought about the ‘Y’ sling: might be more what a poor boy in Victorian England would use. I started with this kind because it is traditional and offered a strong diagonal. I’ll do some drawing.


impressive sensation of realism and mood.


i like the dark mood - great atmosphere. impressive goliath design! besides we choose the same myth. rock on!


Good one Roger,

David is now seperated,
what a brave boy :))
and i see myself among those running people frightened so much :slight_smile:

As you noticed something have to be done with legs of Goliath,
Can`t advice you something certain, you can do better by yourself :slight_smile:


Roger - Lovely piece you have here, sorry for not stopping by to take it all in and comment on it earlier! The details and composition are all looking really nice. David especially stands out, which is great. The controller is getting a little lost among all his machinery, but that may be okay - it compositionally lets us view Goliath as the whole machine, not just the controller in it. (Plus there’s no color yet.) I will point out that in the recent compositions, it looks like his seat is tilted so that he could slide off of it towards the screen-right. Hope he’s buckled in! It feels like his whole seat - or at the very least his foot rest - could be rotated/skewed counterclockwise to fix it easily. That also might fix the tangent between the left edge of the footrest and the building or leg that’s back there.

Here’s something else random to think about: David looks like a street urchin while the Controller must be quite wealthy to have nice clothes and an even nicer hunk of machinery. (The setting, with the laundry hanging from windows helps that too.) That sets up a class-struggle kind of theme that fits in quite well with the Victorian setting, and I like it! However, the true impact of such a theme is diluted by having wealthy people (like the man in the top hat in the lower right) also fleeing from Goliath. So it reads that he’s threatening everyone and so the reason why is less discernable. If everyone on the ground read as a similar socio-economic class as David (but all still acting scared like you have with the exception of David) then I think it could really punch up the story. Maybe the guys with the top hats aren’t wealthy, and that’s just standard headwear of the time… but today (at least where I live), no one wears top hats unless they are being really fancy, so it may skew the reading of your piece.

Anyhow, just something to think about! :slight_smile: Good luck with the rest, and Happy New Year!


First of all, Michael. that’s a terrific crit! Thank you so much for taking the time. Yes, I wanted the crowd originally to be full of Dickensian characters, like Fagin (and his gang), Scrooge, Mr. Bumble, etc., but got carried away with the top hats. London society seems to have been very mixed at the time, but I take the point absolutely. The compositional stuff is a godsend. Thanks - a lot.

Filipp and Vincent, thank you very much.

Jamshed, thank you especially for your support. too.


this is a piece of art Roger .

I like it a lot and I wish good luck for u :slight_smile:


Put together a rough but clean mechanical structure to act a a base for further painting. This is a combination of photos of machine parts found on the web and polygonal and pen tools and brushes. Main body made in Illustrator.

This may change quite a bit in the final painting as it comes together, but it will do for now.

Better get a move on.


Thanks, Mohammed. Hope I get time to finish. My children are taking a lot of my time over this holiday period! :wink:


hey fellow swissman!

your work is beautiful, and the legs are coming on nicely, but one thing that i thought was particularly strong about 30-12-2008 is that you had your detail going on in just two spots (where the two characters are) - the eye knew where to look.
now it seems you are planning on filling everything else with detail too - which will be awesome, but will also make the image much more “loud” or wild (my image just became very loud today, so i’m pretty sensitive to that at the moment haha). i hope it doesn’t lose it’s previous quality!
good luck!
cheers, n.


Nikolai, hi!

I was just looking at it and thinking the same thing exactly. Easy to get lost when the pressure is on - easier to find something too, sometimes. :slight_smile:

I need to just paint.


oh my!?!! this one is really great, I need to see it finished


Beginning to integrate the body a little. The white lines are guides for painting rendered out of Illustrator.
I really want to keep this about painting in a direct way , and spontaneous as possible.
Started detailing Sir Gerald.

Not sure about the wing shapes made by the cams. I liked the silhouette of the concept.

Opened the top of the canvas, but I think this changes the focus.


Hey Roger
I agree it’s a fine line between balancing all the details and keeping the painterly feel at the same time. I can tell your a painter by your concepts and our work has similar characteristics in common. I agree to much detail can ad noise, however, based on your lighting in the background you have some great highlight for details and great shadows to hide details giving your eye visual relief. I like the compositions and the wings at the top of the camshaft. I think it helps give the machine more shape and ads definition. Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Cory!

Your comments are great and have clarified my thoughts somewhat. You are most definitely a painter!
Thanks again.


Just to prove I’m doing something.

Painting the background and characters on separate layers - quite rough at the moment, but I don’t want to lose too much spontaneity.

Goliath on very low transparency to check composition and perspective. Turn it off when I’m painting.


even in this stage … the colors are nicely flowing in! :stuck_out_tongue: there’s a certain cold, cloudy yet dramatic feel in this piece … which is why i like it so much :stuck_out_tongue:
cheers n good luck mate! :thumbsup:


[color=white][font=Calibri]Magnificent! That’s all I can say. Wonderful idea and nice brush strokes, to be honest your piece of art is one of my favorites around. Keep up the good work and good luck buddy! [/font]:)[/color]


thats a very nice shilouette of the goliath, and i love the colors too… good luck! :slight_smile: