Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


very coollll


Thank you Pairoj.

Any comments on the composition?

I wanted to try and get a sense of the machine lumbering and the controller starting to turn as he sees David - clearly the only one unafraid.

Got to make some more character studies now.


Way cool-mb make the people smaller or farther away, though, so you emphasis Goliath’s size? Dunno, I like the design a lot. Is the color going to stay monochromatic like this?


Thanks, Sida. No, definitely colour, though quite muted I think. I’m still not sure whether it should be night or day, but I think night: different lighting and mood considerations.

I want the viewer to be involved in the action. When I crop it down, Goliath seems even more massive, even though you see less. Dunno. I’ll post some other versions before I start the final painting. Still don’t know how I will even do it, but it’s always like that when I paint.



Fantastic work you’re doing; you have Dickens’ London down pat and it gives your image great atmosphere. In terms of composition though, I think that the crowd is almost too crowded, taking the focus away from David himself and the tension between the Controller and David. But maybe once you’re set on the color scheme, maybe this will all be resolved – it looks like you’re trying to already work through that with the lighting, judging by your values esp. on David’s hair. Regardless, I cannot wait to see how this turns out.


nice and neat! This is looking really good! Has a very distinct Steampunk feel to it! :slight_smile:


whoa, your concept drawings are staggering in detail, how do you find the time? Anyway, this is looking great, if the concepts look so good, i can hardly imagine the finished piece. Good luck man, i really hope you finish


Some quick pencil studies - gestures really, trying to pin down David’s gross movement and form.

I’ll do some detailed drawings of costume and try to put these together.


Cut up all the main elements of the previous concept and made custom brushes of them.
Painted each brush on to a new layer to move around and resize, in an attempt to work out a better composition before developing lighting further.

Thank you to everyone for the nice comments so far.


Chose one I liked and spent a bit of time developing lighting and very basic volumetric effects.

I like several and will try this with them, focusing on illuminating the relationship between the two main protagonists.


Hi Roger,

nice development,

Only comment i have is about people behind David,
it seems that they are too big,
Maybe keeping them smaller will help to preserve scale,
and also seperate David from the crowd.

Also it seems like the crowd is unaware of the Goliath,
maybe somebody should look up,
frightened faces and so on!:slight_smile:

keep it up,
it is going to be a strong picture.


What if the camera itself was closer to David, looking up with a slightly wider field of view?



I really appreciate the long look and comments.

The people under Goliath are just below - about the same plane as he is. I do need to look at the spacing of the scene - legs especially. This was a quick way to look at composition and lighting.

You are right about David. I’m trying some of the other little studies above this.

Love the idea about looking up. This was in earlier concepts, but I completely forgot about it.

Need to get going on the final image soon. Still lots to work out.

Thanks again.


thank you for the comment. I like the way you’re thinking; that would throw us more into David’s viewpoint - involve us in the action more.
I’ll see how much time I have. :wink:


How’s this looking?

Really need another pair of eyes.

If it’s good, I’ll move to the WIP (yeh).

Founds some great London slum reference for the background.

There will be lots of tweaks to lighting. Any comments on a daylight as opposed to night shot?

Might even think about rain for added reflection possibilities and pools of light and dark.


Tried skewing the image to put the controller on a plane with the viewer to bring him back to focus - have the composition rotating around him. Also pulled the top up to see more of Goliath, and added dust and bits to the atmosphere.

Officially work in progress now.

I will resize this and start painting over with a careful palette.


So, this is one of the best, this Image have a story inside, great Idea!



you’ve got a really interesting thread here. I like especially your pencil studies.
Your latest image is also great. Don’t know, but maybe it isn’t croped so consistent and ideal, because the top image border looks like a tangent to goliath. Either their coluld be even more sky above goliath or he could be croped more definite.


Thanks Filip, thanks Andre. Yes the cropping is not good at the top. I quickly extended the canvas. I may push it further because I want Sir Gerald (the controller) to be just off centre as a sort of axis to the composition. Thanks for picking that up.


Amazing work. Looking forward to see your colored steampunk