Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s Sir Gerald Oswald Liath the great industrialist who has lately become a recluse, devoting himself and his vast resources to his secret experiments in steam engineering.


Spent an hour or so looking for bits of steam machinery and Victorian bits and pieces.

Made a load of custom brushes to get into the details of designing ‘Goliath’.

I find this really stimulates my creativity for developing shapes and a sense of mechanical structure. Not my idea initially of course.


Just for fun, but also to begin figuring out ‘Goliath’.

I’d made a pencil drawing of Sir Gerald O. Liath, and wanted a sort of snapshot of the great (but ultimately misguided) industrialist in his workshop, proudly showing his new invention.

This isn’t really a finished piece, just a couple of hours of playing around with custom brushes, tying the whole thing together with lose painting.

I feel I’m getting inside the ‘characters’, finally.


Wow,i m sorry i missed this thread.Gorgeous concepts man. :eek:
I m so waiting to see what comes next.
Keep it up and have fun


Thanks, Fotis.

I’ve been amazed and inspired by your incredible modeling and attention to detail.


WOW! that some super concepts you got here. loved the last one especially- the design & mood are inspiring. If these are you pre-work I can only imagine where this is all going to…
Keep it up- you have just earned a fan :slight_smile:


cant wait to see this one!


Hi Roger,

You have a lot of good concepts here, but the last one is amazing.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
keep it up and good luck.
waiting more updates.

Cheers mate:beer:


I don’t usually post these types of comments but I wanted to say that these are some fantastic pieces of art. It is all very inspiring!


Lior, Scott, Iban and Robert, thank you so much for the encouragement. Someone I know told me that these challenges are like marathons, when I was thinking of taking part. I think I know what he means. Hard to keep going and do all the other things in life, but I have a longish holiday now, and am loving this.

Thanks again. I need to sort out the overall composition, but it’s coming together.


Love your idea Roger,

really unique and stylized, just wow, will look forward to seeing more cheers!




Your concept work could be easily used for a feature film production, a combination of very rich steampunk material, depicted in amazing details, posed dramatically… your stills can tell whole stories… and they could lead a passionate modeler to crash his scenes with so much to construct! :cool:


Rup and Nick, thank you!
Tell you what, I’m really getting a kick out of all these amazing artists saying nice things. :slight_smile:
I’ll get some more stuff up soon.


hey roger…i really like your idea…bring the environment of the late 19th century…just very awesome…the idea reminds me to the concept of League of Extraordinary Gentleman…hehehehee…just move on guys…you rocks…


Really great concepts and the composition are amazing. Keep up the good work!


love the lighting on that last concept, great stuff. Do miss the action you had in the others though :wink:


just WOW :slight_smile:

it is so steampunkish,
wish to see more and more works from you!


Supriyono, Cory, Shawn and Jamshed thank you guys.
I’m certainly going back to a more dynamic composition; this was just ‘backstory’ so to speak.
I’m away for the weekend, but I’ve been working on some things.


Very interesting thread. Fantastic noir-steampunk atmosphere!


David still unresolved.
I really want a tension between Sir Gerald (the Controller) and David to be the focus of everything - a second or two before David lets his sling loose.

Found some great Reference for the crowds in Polanski’s Oliver Twist.

Comments please if I’m on the right track, and any suggestions.

Time is creeping by.