Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


Carl, Henrik, Nelson, Shawn, Lefteris and Roman: thank you guys.

Just when I was thinking it was a bit quiet here, all this great feedback.

Henrick and Nelson, really good points. Thanks for looking with such clear eyes.

I shall play around with the placement of David. The character of ‘The Controller’ is beginning to grow in my mind and on paper, and I might try something more with him, but I quite like the way this is going, so I will take it further.

Shawn, it’s a tough one about controlling which elements are dominating. My initial idea is to bring this powerful symbol of industrialism into a sort of Dickensian slum. I want to keep a focus on character as it is the only thing that might possibly distinguish my work from all these amazing mech modelers and wonderfully dynamic images.

Thanks again. I’ll get more stuff up over the weekend.


fantastic - I looooove the lighting, it feels like a photograph! Can’t wait to see it done:thumbsup: [fact that you’re going for a Dickensian London feel immediately earns you extra points in my book ;)]


Awesome design and concept! I think David will not beat this one, Goliath is not only a monster in size, but also representing the Industrialism, as you pointed out, and it is very clear when you contrast with the low class people running away - they are essential to the image.


Looking very atmospheric - love the Dickens feel! Maybe bring David closer to the viewer? And how about swivelling Goliath’s human body ever so slightly so his knees are pointing toward David. Up to you - keep up the great work.


that looks very cool. Very steampunk.


Yeahhh!! there is a great steampunk feeling… cool work here… I loved the dynamism and I can even hear the sounds of the scene… Congz man… :thumbsup:


Beautifull:eek:. Definetely a very steampunkish scene:thumbsup:


Nice sketch Roger,

really like the steampunk feel.
keep it up!


Magdalena, Hugo, Rupert, William, Alperen, Roshan and Jamshed: thank you for the encouragement, and taking the time to comment. Some phenominal artists here!
Rupert, I’m thinking hard about those legs; very interesting observation. Thanks.


Narrow, but in a nice way!Great start!!


I like this concept a lot and the design is very cool. My only comments is that it would be fairly easy to bring Goliath down by taking out the “driver”, he seems rather vulnerable with little to no protection from attack, maybe if the was higher up in the machine “looking down” to people would make the analogy of Industrialism stronger IMHO.

Also, David, the hero, is the third point of focus, the running man on the right is taking away David’s “spotlight” he needs to be more prominent in the image and that running man is taking it away from him.


Just want to pick this up again. Thanks, Nelson. I’ve never seen anyone slinging a …er… sling. I tried to act out what I thought and looked at classic images of D&G. Maybe I can find something on youtube. Thanks again, and great work yourself!

I see this is going to be a good experience for me.


roger! thats a very promising concept ! i wish i had that idea! fantastic:bowdown:



This looks really awesome thus far. I agree with the “vunerable” statement by SNoWs. Actually, I agree with everything that SNoWs has said. I think this has the capability to be one of the top entries. Best of luck to you and I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.


I like your compositions… would be cool to see a different take on Davids choice of weapon… like a steampunkd catapult! :smiley: great detail ltoo … best of luck!


Making some quick studies to start to explore the character of ‘The Controller’ in greater depth - and mood and colour.
Grabbed some frames from the BBC’s wonderful recent adaption of ‘Bleak House’.
Just part of my process; not even a concept really, but this will all be grist to the mill for the final image.


This is the actor Charles Dance.
Previously Timothy West.


Loved the lighting and mood of the series. Fast-forwarding through the film, I was struck how changes from warm to cool - inside to outside really told the story.

I intend to lots more colour studies to help establish the right mood. At the moment I don’t know if I want night or day.


Mike and Jeremy, thank you for the input. Not sure about the steam catapult :slight_smile: , but I will certainly consider a bar or grate. At one point I imagined a glass container like a giant gas lamp, but then realized David wouldn’t be able to get him.

By the way, thought the controller might be called Gerald Oswald Liath: ‘G. O. Liath’.


Nice tip about G.O.Liath :slight_smile:
really like your story developement.