Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


Jeremy, that’s a great compliment coming from you. Your rendering of different surfaces is superb.


ouaouuu, great and amazing work :eek:
hi hope you will make/sell a poster of it !:bowdown:

on a presque le même avatar:scream: (pardon, j’ai pas pus résisté )


hi this is Don Perkins (ex PXC!). Had to stop by and see this piece! WOW it looks amazing. the lighting is wonderful, composition is fantastic, hell, everything is absolutely great… wonderful attention to detail. Of course, i would expect nothing less from you! Truly my favorite entry.
i need to go back and read all the comments… I am sure i’m merely echoing the other posters, Really a great work Roger!
I’ll keep looking in on ya!
your friend,
PS Say hi to Robin!


Thank you Marc! Never thought about a poster. Really glad you like it.

I don’t have ears like that! :wink:



lovely to see you here!
I’ve always valued your judgement and admired your generosity. You are one of the people that kept me going early on to get into this digital thing.
Strange to think you are no longer around at the PXC, but really nice to see you here.

Good luck; hope you are busy making wonderful, crazy drawings.

I will say hi to Robin. :wink:


If I were judging this competition I would consider your submission among the top two. When I think of Steampunk I imagine many of the elements that you have captured here. The time period, the colors, the mechanics, and of course the steam. It suits the theme entirely and the level of technical skill is astounding. Great work!


Tracy, that’s really kind.
When I look at it now after a bit of a break, I’m actually quite pleased, but I would have tried to develop the characters even more.
Prizes are always welcome, but just doing it was the main thing.
Thanks again.


It’s funny and disappointing for me to see that this piece of artistry only got “HONORARY MENTIONS” whatever that means.
Better luck next time friend, cos seems to me luck is lately of more value then idea/skill/and what not.



Damir, that’s really nice to know that my work was appreciated.

Looking at the list of Honorary Mentions, I feel I got what I went in to the competition for, and that was to give myself a sense of how far I had come, and how I might fit in to a bigger picture.

Thanks anyway.


I was gobsmacked by this piece, it was one of my three favourites. With so much great work, however, a slight difference of opinion can shift things around and some pieces may do better than individual expectations, some worse. Hope to see you next time :slight_smile:


Simon - Baron Impossible indeed: thank you so much. I absolutely love your work (you are a true digital painter), so it’s especially ‘validating’ coming from you.

I was a bit surprised they didn’t have a 2D and 3D category, but at least the best image won overall.



CGSociety used to have separate 2d and 3d categories, and then junked them in the past year or two, deciding that in the end it’s the final image that counts no matter how you get there. (But to make up for that, that’s why they added some of the special awards, like best sculpture, best matte painting, etcetera.)

Anyhow, I could repeat Simon’s post verbatim and it would be true, but there were a lot of judges and a lot of opinions. Nonetheless, it was great seeing your work and seeing yo charing with the community throughout the entire process. Great job, and great painting, Roger!


Thanks, Mike. It means a lot your saying that.

I wasn’t fishing for compliments or griping; just curious as I had seen the distinction made before. As I said, I feel the best image did win, and that the category winners were all good calls. I’d say the judges did a fantastic job. Not an easy one for sure.


Roger, I was surprised with the results but in the same time the level of all the mentioned entries was so high. I had thought you were going to be among the top 2 along with Marcin Jakubowski. However, the actual top 2 winners are well deserved in my opinion, even though none of them captured the Victiorian Steampunk atmosphere like you were able to do.
Comptetitions are always subjective and will never be able to acknowledge all that deserved recognition. I feel like I lucked out because there were a few, including yours, that could have easily taken the Lighting award.
What’s important is what these competitions are able to inspire in your own work and push yourself to expand your limits.
Good luck,


congratulations Roger!
I’m happy to be on the same list as you. Great friends I met from this challenge and you surely are one of them. Keep in touch and let’s rock the next battle.


Those are nice setinments, Jack. Thanks.
The next one? You bet!

Olek, thank you for your kind words. It’s meeting people like you and Jack, and seeing you work, that makes this such a great experience.

I feel I’ve taken my work to a new level, and am excited to see where the next challenge takes me.


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