Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs



Thanks, guys. Sorry for the late response; trying to sleep off this flu.

Lorenz: thank you very much. Expression and motion was my main focus.

Atilgan: thank you. For the buildings I blocked in the basic forms with the selection tools and painted the basic wall tone and windows, then ‘Overlaid’ a texture of an old brick wall transformed into place following my perspective grid, and then painted over the whole thing with a chalk brush tilted to the right angle, and painted some grunge with a lower opacity brush. I used just one texture, and one image of a victorian design for the angel that formed thr bases for painting the relief on the front of Goliath.
I will be making a full inventory of any images I used and reference too. Most of the reference for costumes came from ‘Oliver Twist’ by Polanski, but I also referred to ‘Bleack House’ produced by the BBC, as well as lots of genuine Victorian photos and engravings.

Theresa: We shall see about the prizes! Hope the Clooney thing doesn’t influence people.

Nick: that’s lovely to hear. I look around at all these amazing, dynamic sci-fi style (for want of a better phrase) works and often feel a touch of dred because I know I’ll never be able to do things like that. I’m from a traditional background - a portrait painter really - and I thought from that beginning that I have to try and focus on what my strengths might be and not what I can’t do. Hence why there might be a more ‘classic’ feel. I certainly wanted to try to focus on charcter and drawing the viewer in. Good to know that it might be useful as a concept, too. I’m really enjoying painting for it’s own sake, but one day it would be nice for it to be used and for me to make some money.

Andrew: thanks and the same thing, I suppose. I really wanted the dirty organic slum feel, and this contrast with Goliath, which needed to be heavy and brutal. I suppose I saw this all the time as a moment from a film. The tall format might be because the camera tilted up as Goliath lurches forward.

Sandra: that’s really kind, thanks. That’s made my day.


I was looking at you sketches and the final image. You’ve created a beautiful image, the only thing I miss, is the warm colors of the boilers? It gave the machine a “soul”.
I haven’t read this entire thread, so you might have your reasons not including it in the final.

best luck to you!


That turned out great Roger! a piece to be proud of for sure. Congrats!


Great job on this, Roger! The final turned out nicely!


i think this is the best steam art piece of this challenge. gratz man!

the time is right, the design is fantastic and clumsy just the way a steam-thing would be.

david as the little “oliver twist” kinda guy with a six pence and a stone sling is a great choice, a bit straight forward but great none the less.

the whole rendering and attention to detail is amazing. just the houses in the background got cool stuff going on. i might say that the faces of the civilians scattered around, are a bit out of the style. I totally get why you would choose to do so, to tune down their appearance and make “david twist” and goliath stand out. but they style seems different because of the cross hatching.

again : wow


Andreas: that’s a fair observation. Yes I wanted to not bring too much attention to the figures and keep the loose and vibrant. But I do see the mismatch and part of that was my inability (or lack of will) to paint Goliath in the same way from scratch, based on my designs. That would have brought things together, better. Thanks for the comments.

Nigel: thank you very much and congratulations to you. I need to get around to congratulate some other competitors; it’s on my list.

Angel: same to you. Thanks!!

Roger: hey, cool name! I did bring a little color in, but realised early on that I wanted something heavy, grim and lacking in any jolliness. I felt colour would pull the eye too much.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


Of all the great images in this challenge so far, I think we have a winner right here.

Fantastic piece.


Excellent work Roger. Great concept and beautifully rendered with a real feeling of power and movement. Well done


i think your work is one of those that really captures the atmosphere. i was just looking at the Polanski’s Oliver Twist - and you have that same air in your piece.
good luck!, man,



Congratulations Dude:). Atmosphere, mood and colors everything is perfect. Beautiful job:thumbsup:


Michael: thank you. We shall see!

mic3d: thank you for the kind comments.

Olek: that’s good to hear coming from you, with your feeling for atmosphere. I spent some time thinking carefully about mood and palette.

Roshan: thank you. Really nice to hear.


Here’s some links and acknowledgment to images either used directly or as reference/inspiration.

Walls: (Use of texture. Thank you)
destruction reference: (small image as reference)

For a lots of bits of Goliath; images used as custom brushes and bases of illustrator work:

Boiler inspiration and getting that cast iron/rivets look:

For the gold ‘angel of death’ moulding:

Oliver Twist, by Roman Polanski, for costumes, figure reference, faces and lighting ideas:

BBC production of Bleak House by Charles Dickens, mood and costume studies; inspiratipn for Sir Gerald:

Searched for lots under: Victorian slums/photos/streets. Useful images. page provided lots of reference and basic pose for David:,m5,default,1&m5albumid=7&m5returnid=53&page=53

There are lots of bits I missed, but these are the main ones.

Hope it’s okay. Only directly used the brick texture which is free for use.

Now why does my final image upload look pixelated like that?


no wonder it all works so well. you didn’t leave out anything.


Congratulations on brilliant imagery here!
Nothing to criticise, but to let my imagination loose, imagining this turning into a full lenght movie or something!


Thanks, Olek and Damir.

A movie would be fun. :slight_smile:


Remarkable use of colour shades…very nice pose…amazing work!


Oh, man, this is perfect. Great execution of the new myth! Love the blurry slingshot!


Sachithra and Kenny; thank you very much. (nice portrait, Kenny).


Hey, thanks for that Roger. I’m trying to get serious about my digital work and move toward doing more work like yours here – I do have a ways to go though.


Hey Roger, great job on the final image. I like the way you handled the metal finish and all the little details that make this so Steampunk. I’m not sure I like the canvas dimensions but thats a personal thing. The colours are spot on too… Amazing image all round good luck!