Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


Software: Photoshop

The famous British Industrialist and inventor, Sir Gerald Oswald Liath, of Liath Industries, has for the past 10 years been a recluse, seen only by those of his immediate household at his large country estate and workshop he build in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Sir Gerald has had dark dreams of the filth and sqallor of the slums his factories have helped to create in the sprawling slums of London. His mind becomes fixed on bring the whole festering mess down and re-building the city as the gleaming Eden it should have been. Sinking into madness, he finally creates his greatest work, the giant Goliath, the first of an army of machines that will bring about the visions of his crazed mind.

But the poor and downcast of London showed the genius of their spirit and hope in the young boy, David, who felled the giant on the dawn of the fatful day, with a small cobble from the mud of those same streets Sir Gerald loathed so much.

95% Photoshop with some elements of machinery created in Illustrator, and Cinema 4D used once to map a base image of the cast relief on the main body of Goliath.


So this is the final one. I had missed off a, adjustment layer, darkening goliath. I took a long look at what you sail Mike, but couldn’t see what to do about the dark. There seemed to be enough separation to me; but the blur is in. Hope that’s okay?

Thank you so much again.


yes!! you made it buddy! congratulations!


Thanks, Jack.

Now we can rest, eh! Quite a journey for you!


Nice one Roger, looking really good.


That’s looking great Roger!


hehe. yah. it was a rough bump. I kept thinking, if i knew there’s a 7 days extension, perhaps that night I could sleep. Then i’m like, nah, if i didn’t work on that night, perhaps I couldn’t get a result as good as what I have right now.

It was mean to be.

Anyway, like you said, we can rest now. I hope you fully recovered from the flu.


Sensational and breathtaking Roger. You are always an inspiration.

Good luck with the challenge,

Juan Carlos


Roger, a fantastic image - you must be pleased. The metal pieces of Goliath are especially convincing. Nicely done. :beer:


WOAH…dude! The final result is AMAZING! Such a dynamic composition, and fun concept! Good luck!


Tyson: thank you very much.

Rupert:yes, I’m quite pleased and relieved too. It’s been great learning experience. It’s the most thought through and complete digital illustration that I’ve done so far. Thank you.

Juan Carlos: thank you much for posting here. Good to see my friends from the Pixel Corps. Good luck with your team effort; it’s looking fantastic.

Jack: thanks again! I’m still a bit rough, but can rest now.

Boddy: great to see you here. I really love what you are doing … going over there to tell you.

Carl: thanks, and good luck with yours.


Congrats on getting your entry done. Looks fantastic! But there’s a lot of stiff competition out there. Good luck in the judging. :smiley:

Oh boy the wait for the results is going to kill me.


thanks, Teck. You know, I’m honestly not thinking about prizes; I certainly didn’t enter with that in mind. I think I’ve identified the amazing entries that will win (at least those I think really deserve it). What I have gained is a very strong sense now what I can do, and how I compare with some of the best people out there, and that’s proven more valuable than I’d even hoped.

Wouldn’t say no of course, if it happened.


I learned that if I take the same shortcuts that I vowed never to use again after my last painting, they will still come back and bite me in the ass for exactly the same reasons. :smiley:


Fantastic turnout! The level of detail is great and the composition works really well!
Also very good work on expression and motion!
Good luck (although probably you won’t need it)!


Looks very great and steampunk! :slight_smile: may i ask how did u make bricks on this one?


Congrats, Roger! Another contender here, it seems- thank God I’m not in it for prizes, otherwise I’d be really worried. :smiley:

Pat yourself on the back- you deserve it, this is a fantastic final and (I think) very deserving of a prize…we shall seeee…

Good luck! :beer:

P.S- George Clooney, that must be it. :smiley:


Roger, you’ve done an outstanding work here! you’ve grasped the touch and feel of Steampunk and depicted it in a purely classic artistic way, while making at the same time a concept for every modeler to drool on! Congratulations for your hard work and best of luck for the final results :wink:


Very original piece (not so much the story, which has been repeated quite a lot amongst the participants), but the style you convey. I feel totally transmitted to a victorian age. It’s dirty, it’s old, it’s photographic. The sling is an excellent touch, and I really enjoy this piece. Good luck! :slight_smile:


This really captures the feel of a Charles Dickens piece! I love the composition!