Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Roger Nobs


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Latest Update: Final Image: David and Goliath


My first image post on CG Society.

I thought I might be able to do something with this. The possibilities of a Dickensian London slum being invaded by the might of Victorian industrial/technological power. David, our hero is a sort of Oliver Twist.


Thought about winter and the possibilities of lamplight reflected in dirty, rucked snow, and swirling snow in lamplight.


Using adjustment sets and colour layers to add a little colour idea.
A more dynamic idea of David standing up to the Goliath, as others flee.


Roger…nice piece of work… good colors and perspective. waiting updates!!!


Thank you, André. I’ll post some of my references soon.

A long way to go. I really want something like a 19th Century genre painting, but I’m beginning to get into this whole ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic. I’ve always loved victorian technology anyway, and things like HG Wells’ Time Machine.

Good luck with your Kraken!


Hello Roger, yeah you are right, opposite ideas :slight_smile: This looks amazing already, really captures that Dickens London slum mood, and great steampunk machine!


Where abouts in Switzerland?

Thanks for the comments.


Cool idea Roger,
and great sketch,

personally i would keep low level camera view,
to show massive and huge Goliath!

good luck to you!


Thanks, Jamshed. I’ve already been playing with more of a close-up/tilt-up so I can get more lovely steampunk details in. Don’t want to lose the sense of the street though.


Hi Roger,

Superb! I love the angle, and the action. I think the guy with the top hat in the middle of the street looks oblivious to whats going on, maybe he’s the town drunk.LOL Anyways , i can’t wait to see the progression.
Take care,


Nice start, that design reminds me of those old steam trains, cool idea, looking forward to any updates


Hi Roger, I have sent you a PM.


Thank you Brad and Mourad.

Been very busy, but playing with a lower angle and cropping the action to focus on the main protagonists. Still not sure about the position of David. Might bring him back near the centre and standing firm facing the giant, before slinging his shot.
Got a bit hung up on detail. Need to think again about lighting and time of day. Long way to go.

Any comments welcome.


Hi Roger, I really like this new update, keep up the good work.


Ooh, looking really intriguing. As you said, something could be done with the focus on David. I think either David or the “heavy set” guy on the right running away, could be moved to change the focus point a bit. With them being right next to eachother throws off the dynamics a bit.

Don’t want to be a pain in the ass but the guy operating the goliath mega-armor, is a bit too unprotected to be logical imo. I know the piece wouldn’t work if David decided to go at a robot bigger than a 2 storey-house with a rock and sling if it had no weakpoint, but some protective grid (if just for the legs or something) would be more believable.

With that said, I’ll say that this is one of the most promising entries for the contest I’ve seen so far. Gj and keep it up!


amazing lighting instincts man! i must agree with HumbleHenk that tis is a very promising entry.

i would like to make a critic on the line of david’s right arm and sling tho’. it could use a bit of a tweak to show his arch of motion. first time i looked at it i thought the guy was holding a heavy bat. then again this is a work in progress. so this is just a 2 cent crit.

bravo Roger Nobs! will be visiting this thread a lot!


Loving the sketches. Everything here is very inspirational. The old man in the big machine is so nice, make sure the foreground doesn’t take away from it/become detracting too much.


Awesome mood and sketches!!!Keep it up and good luck!!!:cool:


great concept sketch ! lighting is fantastic; and the fear and panic of the crowd is very well done ! good luck to you ! good to know there are other swiss entries :wink: