Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Per Trystad


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: ANGERBODA “The bringer of grief”


This is probably not a good idea as I really don’t have time now either. But participating it more important then winning. And I can resist anything but an temptation. So here i go again.


Try! Haha, good to see you in!


When i was a kid i had a little steam engine toy. This is a Punk version of what a little steam engine robot could look like. I call him Sid and he is capable of starting his own fire.


Hey Gunilla! Couldn’t stay away when I see all the all the good old guys signing up. really good to see all the familiar avatar`s again. I have missed you all! :slight_smile:
Must just restraint myself so maybe i can finish this time. Not start on some huge project. but we will see. The inspiration may take overhand.


Hello mate…

this steam toy is already simpathetic… but you don’t think to something more mythologic ? as noted on the topic ?


Hello buddy. You might have a very valid point there my friend. Mythology is something I can go bananas with. Nordic Mythology in particular is an endles well of inspiration. Just got to find a way of putting some steam and a bit of punk into it. and maybe a touch of humor then we are on the track I think.


always apprecied :thumbsup:


Hey Per:wavey: ,

great to see your thread here, I’m looking forward to see whatever comes to your mind, I’m sure this will be fun again!

Good luck for you!



Hey Per, this is a real treat to see your wonderful mind at work again, enhancing this challenge. Fantastic to see you in, buddy. You’ve already got me smiling with your first drawing. Good luck with this one - I’m definitely looking forward to what you come up with


I cant tell you how much it warms my hart to see you again My friends. It has been real lonely without you guys.

I`m really looking forward to see what you have for us this time Sabrina. And Mark my brother I wish I could see what images is popping up in your brain. This first part of the challenge is the best one where all the wierd and wonderful ideas pop up.

I really don’t have any clear thought about where Im going here, but Im sure the journey will be fine!


Laurent have a real good point about the story behind this. But i haven`t landed on anything good yet. Have some ideas around Nors Mythology. Odin had a fantastic ship called “Skibladner” that could sail on sea, land and in the sky. That could be a real fun subject fore a steam punk vehicle.

Anyway I still like my first idea of a small steam driven Punk robot. So I have put some geometry together. Probably wont be my main thing this but its fun to get started with something.


As I suppose these little guys can walk on the clouds ,could be cool to see them do some reparing on the Skibladnes somewhere up in the sky,LOLLL.Good to see you in, cant wait neither to see whatta your brain will come up with.ronflll already gni,gni…
Good luck mate!


Man… It is almost like i feel sorry for the little guy.


I now am painfully aware (after what happend at Marks tread) that this little guy don't really have any myth or legend to support his candidacy. But think Im going to finish him anyway. He just need some gears in his backpack to operate the steam pistons the move his limbs. and maybe some more functional hands.

If I cant come up with anything else i can always switch to the Video challenge and have him perform a steamy version of “I did it may way” by Sex Pistols.


really nice model, U sad that participation is more importent then winning - But with good performing this concept u can winn I think:)


Hey Per, as usual I’m grinning from ear to ear looking at your thread. Your new creation looks fantastic. It absolutely screams ‘steampunk’.

By the way, I am definitely back in this thing and I look forward to visiting this thread and spamming you often. Thank you very much for the wonderful support too.


Hi Per,

just love your little steam punker:bounce: , I agree that the hands can need a little more attention, but he’s already a great creation…and if we think hard enough, we can perhaps built a nice myth around him:D …



Love that little punker too! Really nice modeling with all the right steamy details.
About legend for it, he somehow reminds me of that tale by the Grimms about the little prince who leaves his mean elder brothers behind and set out to discover the world/rescue the princess or whatever - anyone know what tale I’m after?

Either way, it shouldn’t be so hard mocking something up, great so far!


Yes, render and superb design… very well done…

I must be agree too with the other friends… I’ve imagined some hands more mechanical…
anyway… that rocks :thumbsup: