Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Pawel Swierczynski


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Latest Update: Storyboards / pre-visualization: Boy concept - refining


Loose ideas how my shots could look like


Tryin to sketch those ideas goin through my head :wink: Goliath size, look of the boy character, shots, story, etc. Still very very rough.


Few words about my idea.

 I`m going to tell a story about [b]Goliath and little David[/b].
 The boy is a poor orphan. He leaves the home industrial city to look for better life.
 He finds a small house on a edge of a cliff. The house is old and crappy, but it`s his FIRST true home. He decides to stay there.
 Some time later because of someone`s twisted mind, giant machine, Goliath shows up, destroying the whole city. David`s small shed is the only thing left to destroy.
 Boy decides to defend his old, fallin apart, but still precious home.

Now im tryin to put my all ideas togather and then ill decide what I should leave behind to meet the deadline :wink:

Goliath`s steampunky design seems to be the biggest challenge for me ;))) Hope you guys will help me with that ;))))

Good luck to all other participants!


Ive decided to model something I wont be thinkin about much. Thats Davids house and heres its first shapes.

Im doin everything but design of the Goliath. Im so scared of this task! :wink:


this is looking very promising already Pawel. Best of luck!


Love it, Love it, Love it!:eek:…lol… go for this, i totally get where you’re going. great story, and you concept sketches are brilliant.:thumbsup: you took an old story and totally re-invented it!. this is a killer good idea!:bounce:

karisa :scream:


Thanks, I`m really glad you like it :slight_smile:


Ive tried to come up with Davids concept. I want him to be totally adobrable. Small and cute to get as much contrast between him and Goliath as possible :wink:


Oucha :slight_smile:
Like your sketch and the begining of the house.
Really a great begining :wink:


great models, plz finish it well:)


Oh man! Best wishes! Do it, I know perfectly you can :wink:


you rock :slight_smile:


Oh, my groupies are here!!! Thanks ;D :wink:


Small modification, which imho makes him much cutter:)


Good luck!

Just finish it! (do k…y nędzy!)


I see problem with symetry. :slight_smile:


Nice start man, keep it up!!


plz make it steampunk!


Oh, such a nice story ;]
I hope the implementation and effet wil be great too.
We keep one’s fingers crossed ;]