Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Paul Mikulecky


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All the best to everyone! Here is some backgroundto the myth I’ll be artistically deviating from and developing.


Woohoo Paul! Glad to see you joining the challenge. All the best :slight_smile:



good luck Paul, really nice to see you here! :smiley:
and nice theme looks like Mayan hero myth,
as a side note: btw it’s really strange you didn’t know what is the sleep! :smiley: kidding, :wink:

keep here full of awesomeness! and don’t mind about that word (what was that?!)



Thanks guys! I’m currently working through the myth (and different accounts and details of the myth) so that I can determine what aspects of the story I want to incorporate into my trailer. Here is my thinking so far:

There are a number of different motifs/events that involve the twins, but I want to focus on only one. This will make the trailer more focused and also limit the amount of work I would need to do…

After analyzing the myth I find that one element stands out in my mind as a good candidate that represents the myth accurately and which could make for an ‘exicting’ trailer.

That motif/element is the Mayan ball game (similar, if not identical, to the game played in the animated film Road to Eldorado). Both the twins and, originally, their father and uncle, annoy the lords of the Underworld by playing the game. The twins’ father and uncle are destroyed as a result. The twins are then invited to compete as well, with the hope that they too will be destroyed.

So the focus of my entry/trailer will be the idea of the ball game. Essentially the fate of both worlds (middleworld and underworld) rests on a single match between the lords of the underworld and the twins. At least that’s the direction I think I’m going to take…

Since this is a steampunk challenge the direction that I will take is that the game will be played by the characters as they maneouver their steam powered mechs/robots in order to score in the game. Of course the designs of the mechs needs to be ‘mayan’ and ‘steampunk’, and as a result that should provide a lot of options for some neat visuals.


These sketches represent some of the highlights of my research on the Mayan culture. This process helps me to better observe and absorb their style.


Ohhh nice :D…youre the first one to take-on Mayan myths if I’m not mistaken.

I think your topic is going to be cool, especially since many people believe the Mayans had advanced technology…so giving the Mayans a steampunk twist fits right into the mythos!


These sketches represent some of the highlights of my research on the Mayan culture. This process helps me to better observe and absorb their style.


Thanks Tyson! Oops… double posted it… I forgot to add the copyright. I figured it would replace it. Live and learn.


Here is my concept for the crawler that the twins will be riding.


what a great concept Paul, interesting


That is just great! Can’t wait to see the walking animation…can imagine it being all rickety as the pistons fire in the legs.


Here are some quick thumbnails of possible bad guy steam mechs. I might even pick a different one for the good guys. Not sure yet.


Awesome concepts!!! This will be very cool when it’s all done. The idea of a ball game similar to that in the el dorado movie will make for some very intersting animation, especially with your mechs.
Looking foward to this one.
Good luck


Here is the crawler, modeled and rigged. Some of the gears turn, the pistons work, legs are IK… I think he’s going to be fun to animate.


That is one AWESOME piece of machinery!


Yea I really like your modeling style!


¡Nice model man! ¡Pumpkin with legs, way to go!


Hey Folks! Thanks for the kind words! I looked at it yesterday and went, yep… looks like a version of the fairy god mother’s coach from Cinderalla. I didn’t intend it to look pumpkin-ish and I think I know a solution, but I’m going to wait and see how it looks with texturing. I suspect it’s the ribbing on the ‘abdomen’ of the spider mech. On the other hand, the fact that it looks a bit pumpkin-ish and the Mayan’s being an agricultural society, this might actually be a good thing! Decisions, decisions…


love it so far! really nice idea and the modeling is really good. cant wait to see more from you.