Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: patrick evrard


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: no more bike


A steam version of the david and goliath story.:slight_smile:


really cool pic. The design of goliath is great, and little david on is bike makes a good contrast. the tilted horizon appeals to me… heheheh :rolleyes:

looking forward to seeing your final… in 55 days time. maybe sooner.

good luck


Cool concept man! it already seems great Im lookin to see it finished


Here is a close up of david on his “bike”.


This is one of the guard of the king. He will be standing across the field facing goliath. He has trained all his life for this.

Thx for the comments!!


Great idea. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.


Great Pose, great sketches! I love your style, dude. I’ll be watching you :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey looking good, nice concept. One to watch for sure


We’re the 40th day. Two army’s are facing each other on both sides of the river. Goliath has been challenging the other army every day. But no-one did respond as far… The loser would face a life of slavery by the opponent so needless to say the stakes are high for both of them :).

Here is some basic composition in 3d.
I colored them so I could point out who’s who.

The big purple one is Goliath.
The blue ones are the royal guards.
The orange squares next to the Royal guards are some mobil units. The little dots are some regular soldiers.
The flying ships are some alies of
The red ones below David are religious people who came to support.
The green one is David.


very cool concept. I was hoping someone would tackle biblical legends and it seems you have done great work so far. I absolutely love David on his cruiser! Look forward to seeing the finished piece!


Love your goliath design so far! It would be nice if you experimented with the perspective more and considered bringing David closer to the camera. It could make the piece a lot more dynamic… but just an idea. Great start!


Here is a work in progress of Davids cruiser. Showing the basic steering mechanic. The David behind the steer is a free model by Alexey Borzykh aka NURB. I’am still not sure if I am going for a 3d or a 2d painted at the moment.Both have their advantages and disadvanteges. The basic idea is to go for a combination of 2d/3d. The 2d will be projected through the camera on 3d geometry. Time will tell how I end up doing it :).

RogueWolf: Thanx man!

Walrus: Good point. There is a bit I didn’t really cover in any posts yet because honestly I don’t know how to visualise it yet. So here it comes: The main idea of the foreground is that we have the view as if were sitting next to the king who summoned David to fight goliath. We have the best view on the battle field. David is doing a fly-by while greeting the king. But For the moment the foreground is taking to much space. Which forced me to put david a you mention quite far. Whitout a “connection” with david the drawing would be to much of a landscape painting. I Think i am gone brake the foreground up so it doesn’t cover that much and so David could be closer. Hope this makes sense…Anyway thanx for the comment really appreciate it!


very interesting concept… i wish you finish it in time


here are some sketches of david I made on the train to work. I want him to look back. Not quiet sure if I am going for a more cartoony style or hyperreal… For the moment I am still working on his cruiser. Previous upload hadn’t enough steamPunk in theme. So I had to redesign some of it.Hope to have it finishd by the end of the weekend. Otherwise i am gone get in trouble for the rest of it.

Vagis: thanx man , I also hope to finish in time :wink:


here is a quick update of david s cruiser. Still have to tweak a lot of it thought.
great challenge so far, there are a lot of people with great entries!


I kind got stuck on david and his cruiser. Not sure what was wrong , what didn’t fit right. Some wrong proportion. So I decided to start with goliath instead of finishing david first. This way I think I ll figure out whats wrong with it and how to make them both fit in the same world. Allthought he looks human at the moment he will get mechanized :).


Here is an update of goliaths legs. Still a lot to do. C&C welcome.


sweet, really “FLCL” meets steampunk, neat style!


quick update.There are some curves in the legs that i am starting to like. A bit of art nouveau.

editablepauly:thx for the comment,could you paste me a link of “flcl” cause i’am note sure what you mean with it:(.