Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nigel Quarless


Congratulations on your honorable mention, Nigel! For the record, yours was actually one of my top 3 entries, but there were a lot of judges and a lot of opinions. But I feel that you nailed the steampunk myth perfectly, and it’s a beautiful painting to boot. Nice work! :thumbsup:


I’ll second what Mike said. Beautiful piece of work.

It’s truly an honor to be honorably mentioned in the same list.


Thought this one was great, flawless painterly style and good dynamism. Well done :thumbsup:


Wow, I really apprecite your comments, fellas. I’m also INCREDIBLY FLATTERED to have been given an honorable mention in the Challenge. There were so many incredibly good entries, it’s a real honor to be recognized among them.

Miryozan - Thanks very much

Walrus - Hey, thanks alot for that, man… I really appreciate that! Glad you liked what I came up with, it’s really flattering! Any recognition at all is incredibly flattering to me, there were so many awesome entries, but it’s really cool of you to let me know your thoughts, top 3??? Wow, that’s awesome! I’m inspired for next time…

Roger - Thanks alot Roger, and thanks for your thoughts during the process, they were great. I would say the same to you, your piece was stunning!

BaronImpossible - Hey, thanks a million! Really appreciate that…it’s great to hear what you think, especially about the painterlyness, since I’ve long struggled with my work being too tight. Love your work…

My most sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to give me their thoughts and feedback oin this piece during the process. It was great to have so much involement with the talented people here. All your feedback really helped push me to make this piece what it is, so thanks everyone! See ya next time…



Congratulations Nigel!

I am so pleased that your work was recognized -it is a great inspiration and a great work.


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