Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nigel Quarless


looking forward to seeing the final version of this Nigel! Keep going!!


Awesome composition! Can’t wait to see this one finish.


Wow, I really appreciate the replies and input, everyone…

digital-bobert - Thanks very much! ?Means alot comin from such a pro…cheers… Your’s is looking great, too!

themightym - Thanks very muich! Glad you like the wings, I had wondered if they were too much… I think I still have to focus the light from the wings on Icarus’ face…

Jonone - Thanks for the feedback! I think you have a very good point… thanks for bringing that up. I do need to focus the area of attention more, that is on my list of revisions for today! I’ve changesd up the airship designs, but may still play with the plaecment and adding more… his dials are going to get tweaked too… thanks for hte crits!

Hideyoshi - Thanks! Yeah… it took me a while to settle on Icarus because I thought it would be one of the more popular ideas… but I ended up feeling like it wthe best idea I had so Iwent with it… glad you are diggin’ it!

kaparo - Thanks very much! I’m glad the vertigo camethrough for you… I was hoping the angle would have that effect. I really appreciate your feedback and agree totally about using the lighting to focus on his face.

yakonsuke - Thanks very much, I really appreciate it!

dysphory - Ha! Thanks!

Unit 11 - Thanks very much. I hope to have a “final” version by tonight and then have one last look on Monday before I submit… gonna be a long day.

So, I’ve changed the look of the airships now. I had some feedback onthem being to football shped and totally agreed once it was brought to my attention. I’ve done some further refining to the gears in the foreground and added some falling debris. For today I need to redo his pants, focus the lighting on his upper body and face, break up the city a bit and add some shape variation and just do an overall pass ofrefinements… better get going!


Hey Nigel,

Thats one amazing piece, very dramatic, and the colors are working very well, just love it!



steampunk (illustration)


My God Nigel! This is beautifull, and it is such a great and straight foreward piece as well:D I really hope you do well in the competition^^



Rupy and Mischievouslittleelf - Thanks very much!!!

Hacked in some new pants…starting to clean up edges and refine more…


Well, here’s my last WIP. I’ll sleep on it and maek a few tweaks in the morning before I upload my final.


I think this one is already finished! What to tweak? Its already perfect! :thumbsup: Hurry up mate, just few hours left

Good job!



Software: Photoshop

The Emperor has imprisoned Daedalus, the most brilliant Steam Power inventor of his age, in a Steam Labyrinth. To coerce Dadalus to use his genius to create machinations of destruction, the Emperor is holding Icarus, Daedalus’ son, as a hostage. Unwilling to commit such crimes against humanity, Daedalus creates in secret, a pair of steam driven wings for himself and his son with which to escape their prison. Before their escape, Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too high and overheat his wings, but overcome with the joy of flying, he has gone too high and taxed his wings beyond their ability. Overheated and out of steam, Icarus’ wings fail him, and he plummets to the ocean far below.


It`s amazing, I realy like the pose! :slight_smile:


I love the colors and diagonal composition. You have depicted a great feeling of falling and motion. The intricate detail of his wings and outfit are amazing. Great piece!


Awesome job mate… just the right amount of detail while still showing off some more confident brushstrokes. I still really like the composition on this and the airships fit perfectly now. Congrats on finishing and good luck!


I think this has one of the most beautiful colour schemes and simple affecting compositions of any of the entries. Fantastic work, and congratulations.


goofara - dude, thanks a bunch, glad you liked the pose too… took me forever to get one figured out!

rebelaemi - I really appreciate that!

Coldrum - Thanks man! I’m glad the level of brushwork worked… phew…glad the airships got sorted too, thanks for the heads up on that! You did a damn fine on your entry as well, so your comments are very appreciated, I’m sure youwer super busy too! pz.

Roger - Dude, that is really very nice of you… there are so many crazy good entries. Yours was phenominal…Thanks!

And big thanks again to EVERYONE who gave me comments and input on this…it turned out way better for your input…it helped a ton!


Wow, I just found this entry and am blown away. I, too, wanted to do the Icarus myth at first, but got bogged down in the mechanical cause for his wings’ failure. You handled the idea beautifully and with one of the best compositions of any entry I’ve seen. It’s quite powerful and dramatic.

My only quibble (I know the contest is over, but what the hey) is the high contrast at the edge of the gearwheel. It draws my eye right down to the space between it and the airship, but for no discernible reason. Also, almost all the major broken parts are attached to the frame edge, giving the appearance they are part of something else off-screen that is not visible. The only other thing is the odd detail on the top of the blimp that looks like a gondola (which are typically located below the balloon) and therefore makes Icarus look like he is below the airship and not above it.

But in any case, looks like you might have a good shot at a prize with this one - it’s great! Best of luck.


That’s awesome!!!


Wow! Your color pallet is amazing–it drew me right in! I love how you treated your subject. The composition really emphasizes a dizzying fall! Beautiful work! Congratulations and good luck!



My homie, my Gorilla!

Great job, mate!


Artbot - Thanks man, glad you like what I came up with! Great crits too…too late to implement for this challenge, but definitely stuff to look out for in future works. Thanks very much for taking the time to let me know!

IdeasWithBadBreath - Thank you very much!

dodgeOrBurn - Thanks! Good to know the falling feeling is workig for ya, it was definitely something I wanted as a big part of the image…

Chupacabra - Thanks bro! Always great to hear from ya…


Very strong and dynamic work! The only thing - too heavy (just my sense) feathers.
Good luck!
Arthur Mirzoyan