Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nigel Quarless


Very dramatic pose, great work on the detailing of the character and sweet colours :):arteest:


Thanks very much for the comments everyone… I really appreciate the feedback.

Lah - Thanks! Yes, I’m looking forward to lighting up the figure and gauges more inthe final pass…thanks for the insight!

Rivenis - Thanks very much.Great suggestion! I want to push the mechanical bits flying up for sure… more feathers, gears, bolts and sparks!

Roger - Thanks man! Yours is looking stellar too!

Nightlitsky - Thanks very much!

Aumuka - Thanks!

I’m going to get the background sorted today… I’m modelling some rough 3d stuff to help the perspective and lighting, so I did some seetches to help the modelling process.


This will look uglyfor a bit… I’ve put the rough models into the bg to establish some more solid forms for the airships and labyrinth… now I’ve got to paint them in to integrate into the scene.


I’ve done a bunch more work on this… integrated the 3d elements and started tightening up in places.


Not too much progress here… I redid the pants, not sure how happy I am with them.


Just testing this out… seems to upload to page 2 when i post…


Just working on the figure. Lighting up the face and dials and tightening up the wings.


That looks like one hell of a fall! :scream: Nice work :slight_smile:


this is really cool. love the perspective. great design as well of the wings and the equipment, it is very steampunk. on his right hand, i think the index finger looks a tad long, just nitpicking though…good luck with taking this to the finish line :thumbsup:


My god man! this has changed since I last visited! Seriously nice work Nigel … only one thing I dont like (and its very small) the blimp near his legs I’m not sure about… maybe would look better in top right corner perhaps? Amazing image :slight_smile:


This is one of my favourite of the challenge: I really like the atmosphere and I love the color palette. The angle is great too.
Good luck Nigel :thumbsup:


Wow this is looking impressive. Very dynamic composition. Excellent choice of colors to fit the mood.


Martin Neilsen - Thanks alot!

jpedro - Thanks very much… I really appreciate the crits too! I agree, I think the hands need more refining.

Coldrum - Wow… thanks so much for the kind words! Yeah, it looked so rough for so long it was hard to stick with…by the time it started shaping up I had lost alot of objectivity and inspiration, so that means alot. I agree with the blimps not working too. I’ve tried a resize on this one, but different shapes and placements may be needed… I think the closest one still isn’t working. I really enjoyed going through your thread too, btw. Some fantastic sketches and the final is looking awesome! Really great stuff… I will stop by and comment!

Multiductus - Thank you so much, that means alot! Cheers!

Beelow - Thanks man. I was sceptical of the overall colour scheme for a while, I felt it didn’t have enough colour contrast, but I think it’s working better as I go along…so I’m glad you are diggin’ it!

Just further refinements, edge defining, detailing etc. I’ve pushed back the bg with more atmoshperic perspective as well. I still want to revisit the airship shapes and look overall, as well as break up the labyrinth shapes and silhouettes more. I need to put more debris coming towards the camera too…glad they extended the deadline!!!


looks cool Nigel! Nice idea as well


Wow, the colours on those wings are awesome, really eye catching! Well done man, good luck!


hei nigel nice image so far!, would have some suggestions if i may
i think the wing is aibt overdodged,if theres a pool light situation i think the face should be more in the attention;that indicator near his face is getting abit to much reflection,and 1 more little thing the airship on the upper half id see it a little smaller and distant…maybe more of them closer to the city?



really like this! I actually wanted to do Icarus as well initially :stuck_out_tongue:
Great angle, composition, colors and expression!


Hi Nigel,
Your image is looking great. I love the vertigo and falling sensations, very cinematographic. The character and environment looks great. I agree with jonone, his face should should be the focus of attention, it would help to move the light pool away form the wings and over his face. The rest is looking great so far. Keep going and good luck!


Striking, dynamic and nicely rendered!
Good luck in the judging!


wow ! you’ve blasted my eyes dude !
So beautifull !

The warm color of the sun on the wings is great !
So as the general color scheme !