Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nigel Quarless


Nigel Quarless is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The Fall of Icarus


First page of thumbnails exploring themes and compositions. I’ve started some ideas based on Gawain and the Green knight, a Valkyrie and Icarus.


Second page of thumbs exploring themes and comnpositions. A Cyclops, Sigurd - a Dragon Slayer, some kind of Duel with figures silhouetted against a huge Steam Clock, a robotic Colossus, and another of Icarus composition.


Great composistions. I think Icarus is the most dynamic one.


Whoa man take it easy. I see you are bursting with ideas AND very cool drawings. First of all good luck with the competition. I like the second Gawain image and the Clock Duel. I think Gawain is really strong composition-wise while the duel is a really nice concept. How about combining the two?


Hey, thanks for the input! Uh… I think I’m leaning towards the second icarus one… but I’m also thinking of using some elements from a few like alarihos was saying…I might look into a few more mythical figures as subjects too…



Looking really good. Nice studies. Can’t wait to see more.


all your sketches are great ! I like Gavain and Icarus most !


Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it…I’m still kicking around ideas, but my current favorite is Icarus so I’m sketching that in a bit further detail now.


awesome…very beautiful sketches


You said it… The top one is my favorite :thumbsup:


What a strong start! I like the Icarus themed ideas, and am leaning toward the lower right thumbnail because with Icarus lower in the frame, it adds to a sense of falling from a height. The lower left thumbnail seems better composed to me though.

I look forward to seeing you progress this :slight_smile:


Icarus, I like this topic, good luck, :thumbsup: and hope see a great version of this amazing tale!. enjoy it!. you will follow with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?,


Thanks very much to everyone who has commented for your replies! I really appreciate you taking the time to give your input…it’s a big help in making my decisions…

Kinanh - Thanks, that’s very nice of you…

MartinNielsen - Thanks, I like that one alot too…it’s really a toss up at this point between a composition like that with two characteres and the Icarus one.

Speaky - Thanks alot! Very good points on the compositions… you are bang on… I think if I go with this, something that is well composed like the left one but with the figure falling into the frame as you said, will be the way to go…hmmmm…

dapi - Thanks! Another for Icarus… I think I am leaning that way… I would like to do something with Gawain after this… I like the sketches for that one alot… damn - so much to do!


Great sketches! I think you should do Icarus, it’s looking really good :slight_smile:

Which myth is the upper piece of the 3 latest ones? I’m tired so might have missed it if you mentioned it.


I think I’ve settled on the Icarus theme, and I’ve been experimenting with some different compositions for it… I’ve put together some of the better ones here. These are pretty rough - I’m just trying to block in the space, pose the figure a bit and figure out the movement.

I think I am going with the bottom right. I like how the figure is in the low right third of the composition and I think it’s got a good sense of movement. I am going to play around with the posing a bit and make sure I can resolve the wing on the right a bit more.


Thanks! That was for a Beauty and the Beast theme… I like it, but I dont’ think I’m gonna go for it.


Here’s another sketch of what I think will be pretty close to the final composition, even though it’s all hacked in there… after this I think I’ll do some colour comps and designs for the character and airships, architecture etc…


Glad you went with Icarus- I think it’s a brilliant idea for the challenge. On that last sketch it brings to mind whales movie slowly beneath him, and the idea of this man flying up and beyond these behemoth airships is very compelling.


Great sketches u got there and glad u picked icarus.I cant wait to see this one finished.
Already it has a lot of dynamic and the character has a cool falling pose.
Wish you best luck and have fun man:buttrock: