Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nico Strobbe


So i finally got around to finalizing the shading and texturing for only one part of the main character.
Texturing has been done in bodyPaint and shading and rendering back into maya.



Hey Pyke, thanks a lot.
I believe it’s starting to become a very nice mix of many styles and writers that it will be a very cool project even if i don’t manage to finish it in time. But i sure as hell am gonna try.

A few extra notes on the texturing: Most textures are 2k and some 3k. 48 textures in total to be exact for just this piece. It’s around 368Mb for the maya iff files and 876,4 Mb for the psd’s. But lucky me it’s not all that bad to render them out. I do hope in the end i don’t end up with too much cause i can’t use my 8 Gig ram at the moment.

Most of the time i spend on this shading/texturing is to get the stuff uv-mapped. Then learn bodypaint from scratch without any manuals. Then i redid all the uv’s to get them just perfect and started painting. Took a lot of days cause it’s rather stressy when you just are doing this for the first time.

So let’s hope the other parts will be easyer and finished quickly.

cheers and till soon


Oh wow. I already love the modelling, lighting and texturing on this! If I didnt see the model shots from before, I’d swear that you’d built an actual miniature model instead!


This is Really GREAT WORK! Nice concept and modeling!Good luck with your entry!:applause:



what a beaty!!! exellent texturing! No doubt it will be a hardcore steampunk stuff!


SynthOrange, thanks alot! I hope to still be able to give it a less realistic look, but in compositing there is so much we can do. Let’s hope i can keep up the style.

adib, thanks man, welcome aboard :beer:

kacorkiraly, many thanks too. I’m really satisfied with the texturing due to the fact i’m doing this for the first time in this detail. Doing this with just photoshop is just way too hard.
Anyways, the link in your signature to your steampunk entry is to your portfolio. I tried to look for your work cause i loved the concepts you did. Really great.

cheers all and keep tuned


Nice texturing job, really like it…You use mental ray for that? (i think so)

I also have the problem with texturing, huge maps, huge memory usage, especially on these kinds of bot…Btw, everything depends of how you will manage your rendering and of your hardware.

Personnaly i don’t have a really big computer,so i will use two set, on low and one high for closeup shots (not only for texture, but also shaders, poly subdivisions etc…). When comes time to build the scenes, i will use the low or the hd model
I think if you encounter troubles with your model (for now it’s ok, but maybe later, with environnement and lighting, etc…process shaders with huge textures can be really render-time consumming ), you can do something similar to speed-up some shots, so don’t worry too much about it for now…It’s always easier to make smaller from bigger :wink:


Thanks Nico!

Yes, i use mental ray and yes, i hate it !!
At the moment i don’t have too many good choices of renderers cause i run this on a mac platform. I have a mac pro 8x 2,8 Ghz with 8 gig ram, an 8800Gt and a stripped boot plus some extra data disks.
And i encountered a rather large problem with memory when rendering a large image of my star wars walker. But the problem was more of the size of the frame then the amount of detail. So let’s hope i don’t get into any of these probs with this project.
And i think getting into a lower res model for me isn’t really an opportunity. I did do this kind of stuff with the walker just to make the files manageable during editing and stuff.

If i get into too much probs i’ll be trying to run a 64bit linux with a 64 bit maya. Just for rendering this should fix a lot of problems. I did try a 64bit for windows, but i found that the maya itself was rather slow.
It wouldn’t be the first time i had to cancel the project due to software limitations. I so much hate that stuff.


Hey Nico!

Finally some textures! Looking great, like the color combination.
Keep it up :wink:


Awesome texture :smiley:

I can’t wait to see more.

U will go after realistic texture?


Hi Nico,

Great model and texture so far… Can’t wait to see how this develops!

Keep going man


Wow, thats truely amazing work, my worry was about rendering. But you got 16 cores. The problem is ram. Whatever happens you gotta enter the modelling category, I think youd win that.


last shadering test is greate!! cant wait to see all of it :slight_smile:
Only wish to see even very simple storyboard - just to see how the triler or anim. wiill looks like :wink:


Hey great textures buddy, I like to see the story board also, it looks so promising man! :wink:
keep up great work, :smiley:



Hey Arnaud, thanks a lot. Color choosing isn’t my strongest field.

Deje3D, thanks man! Still not sure, i’ll just keep all textures like this piece but will see how it stands with the lighting and rendering. I render in passes so i can change a lot anyway.

Duncs, thanks. I have less time now so i hope to be able to post next render within 30 hours.

Hey Airflow, thanks a lot. I must say that for the moment rendering is not very slow. This part with all the huge amount of textures and 250k polys is not really heavy it seems. For the first test render at 1024x768 it was 20 sec. And ram yes, it’s a major issue. Bu i will make sure i try a 64bit solution in time in case of. When everything is ready to go, i just have to press render. So i’ll look into linux. If i can get it to run properly on my mac.
And you mean going for the modeling subprize right ? I have to see how one get’s nominated for the subcatagory but i sure would like to try this. Even would love to try for the character sub :applause:

Staszek and mim, thanks peepz. I have the storyboard safely in my mind. And it’s subject to constant changes. But i think it’s time to start putting it on paper. So i think i know what to do this night.
Hope to post it soon then.

cheers peeps


Wow love your textures Nico, making me want to rework mine a bit.



Nice work, amazing textures. Keep going :wip:


I really like 3delight. Even with the free version, using just two cores, it’s usually faster than mental ray. It takes a bit of time to get used to doing things differently, but the speed and control is worth it.


Great job. cool textures and excellent presentation. Keep it up… looking forward to more posts :thumbsup:


nice texture and shader, it looks really life like :slight_smile: