Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nico Strobbe


Nico, another amazing piece. I’m excited to see how it develops.

The skinny parts of the legs look severely unstructurally sound, however. The steam tanks or whatever it is on the bottom part of the legs look like they weigh a lot, as does the “torso.” Can you thicken the skinny parts up without hurting the design?


It’s cause of the contrast i try to achieve. Steampunk and my variation on it, is all about the impossible. I think it will be like my walker with the small feet. Some don’t like it but i think it’s what it makes it what it is.
When it’s starting to get posed you’ll see this is not the only thing that will be way too impossible :buttrock:
But thanks for the comments


Hey Nico!

Looking nice your speampunk :slight_smile: and like others say before, allot of details you got there!
Can’t wait to see for next update! :wink:


Another update on the modeling for the main character. It is getting rather extremely detailed so i hope i can stop it anytime soon. I just keep adding and adding. Only parts that need adding right now it the lower leg. The other parts need some refinements to the current detail and i should do the foot. Then it’s up to a hard part: the head.

Hope you like it.

And please, no comments on the impossibleness of certain parts.


nice entry. Greate start,

Cool designs and modeling

good luck


good job man, those models looks great!:slight_smile:


great looking models. Can’t wait to see this continue to evolve.


it looks very good, congratulations!!!


Hey all,

I got a little tired of the creature so i started on modeling something else for a change.
This is the house and steam power plant where the story will unfold. It will be used to create an outdoor scene where these buildings are located on a very thin rock surrounded by a huge pit.

The mood will be comic like and dramatic in lighting. This dark test is just for fun to try and see how well the surfaces keep their shapes. In the final scene the moon - that gives a light as wel - will be located at the back and therefore will give a nice backlighting. The lanterns will be very suitable to fill up the detail at the front.



An additional note:

The steam powered plant still needs some work to make it look more steam powered and less nuclear.
All buildings are still WIP. So i’m adding detail where i see fit cause it will loose a lot otherwise. These buildings won’t end up in a close up. But i think it will be suitable for a medium close up at best. I believe the current size i used for the render is the max and with shaders and textures it should look just perfect.

I will try and do some work for the storyboard as well. I still have most things in my mind and change them as we go. But i think there should be some on paper.



Staszek, alvin-cgi, Vidar3d, LoboRecio,

Thanks alot peeps. I can’t wait to see this evolve myself. :twisted:

I so hope i can finish this one.


This is some exellent building design, reminds me a bit the one from the Fallout universe :slight_smile:
Doesn’t see any reference of nuclear energy style, and, even if, finally, theses are using steam the same way than the coal one (just the base energy source is different)…so thats ok for me :wink:

Maybe make some coal or wood stock near to it to clarify the energy source


Thanks a lot Goul,

But now you mention this,

my plan was: the building was located inside a rocky environment - to contrast the metal for the characters and buildings - on a thin rock that like rises from a pit. So i also had the idea to connect tubes from the steam plant into the mountain it lays upon.
The piece of rock the building are standing on starts extremely thin and expands it’s surface to the top part to actually fit the buildings :twisted:

But now you mention coal as a source for heat this could be perfectly integrated. I don’t think i’ll spend much time on modeling stuff that could mine the coal, but i’ll do some research on how it looks and keep this in check.

thanks a lot man
appreciate the cool input


Nice job here Nico, I love your frankeinstein !


Hey Nico!

I really love that style you made there :)!!!
Its really fits with the main character, and gife the same mood as the character.
hard to gife you feedback, just take it or leave it, if I was you I should make more details on the right building, big screw or other things. The left building does have it more then the right.

Anyway its hard to gife feedback :frowning: you gife me so much feedback that when I see your work I want to do something back :slight_smile:

Whats your plans about the texture, style/color? And how will the environment look like?

Keep it going Nico :)!


Hey Gilles, really great to see ya. Oh, and the title is actually called FrankAndSteam :twisted: A little word-play :buttrock:

Hey Arnaud, thanks a lot. And don’t worry, the feedback i give you is done with pleasure. I don’t need you to be obligated to comment me here. But it’s always welcome. You can ask me things as you like if they might even help you learn some. So feel free.

And about the detail, at the moment i’m looking into what i’m gonna do with this. Cause you need to know that the building is not going to show up really big. I was busy on the environment around the building and this give even more mood to the buildings themselves.

Not sure for the textures. I’m first gonna try to do a little old rusty metal-paint combination. So this will already give lot’s of detail to the model so that i might not need to add it in polys. But i can always do that later when it’s needed or there is enough time.

But now i’m busy with getting the character finished. But it’s a lot of work.



really good progress you did sofar, I like the form of assets all around, and now waiting to see what u’ll came with next!
wish you all the bests luck by the way,
keep going, :wink:


nice idea … and the usual amount of detail i see …:wink:


Thanks Mim, good luck to you too. Hope to post something new soon.

Simjoy, thanks man. I hope not too much detail this time. I’m busy learning the proper workflow for texturing and think i got it. Am doing the second redo for the uv-mapping so it’s just perfect for painting in bodypaint. Learned it in a few hours and it’s great.
The upper part of the body is fully polygon and weighs in at about 260k polys. But i think in overall it will be still manageable.

Cheers and hope to post a texturing progress screenshot soon.


I love where you are taking this in terms of style. Its Jules Verne, but still steampunk.