Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nick Gizelis


Very nice color palette. Kerberos looks terrorific.
Good luck and keep it up.


I loved the concept my friend, in my personal opinion it could have less machinery in the image because it seems a little bit heavier in comparison with the character
Best luck!!


The cage model of the character, with coloured sections of the parts that will become the armour and body members…
still needs some serious topology work :slight_smile:


I started work on Kerberos’ weapon modeling and this is so far…


Another shot.


And another…


A last one for now :slight_smile:


To andreasng, Ataulfo and bandro - Thank you so much guys! pardon me for the delayed reply but I have been struggling with steam :slight_smile:
bandro - You are very right, I will take care of that :wink:


very awesome details :slight_smile:


Cool looking weapon u got there, I like the attention to details and the character blocking looks
Looking forward for more…:thumbsup:


A wireframe shot of the thingy…


That’s some great details you got there. very inspirational!


Very detailed weapon Nick, good luck!


HEY Nick…I like that weapon…very Jules Vernish…:thumbsup:
Looks like HYHENA heads on your guardian figure…LOVE IT…:bounce:


amazing work :smiley:


very nice work till now nick!!
i like the way you always manage to combine organic and mechanical parts in one seamless piece :wink:


arLutiK - Gerard, thank you!

Micro26 - thank you Foti! trying hard to catch up with you and your racing mouse hehe

JackZhang - I am really honoured, thank you ! I trully admire your work :slight_smile:

ne3go - hey Nick! thank you my friend, glad to know you like it :wink:

SpiritDreamer - Glenn, thank you :slight_smile: yes, I used them as placeholders for the cage model… till I am ready with the actual thing :slight_smile:

calisto - Linda, thank you ! I am a big fan of your steampunk entry you know :slight_smile:

geoath - thanks George :slight_smile: you’ve seen nothing organic yet, I’ve got plans for this one :wink:


Hey Nick. great concept and an awesome weapon!

Did you start that weapon in Zbrush and the make the topology or the other way around?


hey that’s really looking good so far Nick! keep it coming!


Try - thank you, it’s rather weird kind of weapon, sort of steampunk powered cannon-electrifying stick lol
Still it’s totally conventionally modeled in XSI, but it’s going to receive some ZBrush treatment soon :slight_smile:

Intervain - Thank you Magdalena! still tons of work to put on this cutie :slight_smile: